D&A Anime Blog: Nerdz of the Decade, Anime REvisited, and More!

2020 has been a challenging year in the Anime Industry; as with every other industry in the U.S. as well as overseas. Even so, this year has also lead to many of us becoming more creative in our passion and love for the medium. Virtual anime conventions are now the norm of 2020, voice actors are now dubbing from home (with the audio quality on the same level as the studio), and new seasons of our favorite titles are readily available on our favorite streaming sites in spite of delays from the earlier months. As for us, 2020 brought about some new and creative ideas on how we can expand our reach as well as introduce new content.

During the course of the year; fans have been asking us if we were going to be doing any sort of anime podcast, and having them be guests while talking about their favorite shows. To that we said “yes!” and now we have an official podcast called Nerdz of the Decade; which will launch early 2021. Also starting that year we’ll be putting out monthly newsletters via MailChimp about what new shows and developments will be coming out of Japan, as well as what new and nerdy topics we’ll be talking about on our podcast. Finally Anime REvisited wraps up 2020 with season one of Danmachi, which kicks off tomorrow! As far as conventions are concerned we may be returning to them ‘physically’ in Spring 2021 starting with Zenkaikon; but we’ll be keeping our eyes open on any updates that say otherwise.

That’s all we’ve got for now, but as always guys n’ gals; continue to stay safe in these times and love one another! 🙂

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