Anime REvisited: Danmachi Season One Episode One Review!

It’s now the month of December, and many of us are itching for 2020 to be over with. As for us we’re going to keep the Power of Positivity going well into the New Year! We’ve done several segments of Anime REvisited throughout the year, so why not end it with one last anime series review before 2021. For our final Anime REvisited for the year, we’ve got the first season of Danmachi (or Is It Wrong to Try to Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon?) kicking off with the first episode.

Adventurer Bell and Goddess Hestia – the Bestia! XP

If you haven’t heard it by now, this is one of our favorite titles to watch; mainly because of Hestia. (But you already knew that, right?) For any fans that are just starting to watch this series, we’re going to address the fact that Danmachi is NOT an isekai! We’ve touched on this debate on one of our earlier posts, and even though the elements are there and in place, the series is not considered an isekai. So the first episode is like all other anime titles; an Introduction episode, as we find the MC of the series named Bell Cranel down on the fifth floor of the dungeon in the land of Orario. He’s running away from a Minotaur who pretty much wants to kill him; and if RPG’s or dungeon crawler video games have taught us anything, you don’t go to the fifth floor fighting monsters who are probably 10 levels higher than you if you’re at Level 1. That’s just stupid.

It was at this point that a woman by the name of Ais (whatzerface as Hestia calls her) steps in to save Bell from the Minotaur, by cutting the bastard to pieces. Bell and Ains meet face-to-face as the adventurer was covered in Minotaur blood, before the title screen opens up with Bell dashing out of the dungeon (still covered in blood might we add) on his way to cash in the loot he collected. A little later Bell makes his way home to what looked to be an abandoned church (since adventurers don’t make a lotta money), and meets his goddess and ours; Hestia. Yes, we get her outfit is a little more revealing that it needs to be (fanservice, am I right?), but her character is pretty cool once you get to know her…sort of.

After doing a stat check Hestia throws out a few signals to Bell that the girl he’s fawning over, is someone he’s already met. (She’ll never say it’s actually her.) Later on Bell is back in the dungeon fighting more monsters only because he wants to get stronger so Ais will notice him, and may even decide to join the Hestia Familia. So right now in the first episode of the series; we have the MC falling for the strongest woman in the series, while the MC’s supporting girl has feelings for the MC. ALL of this in just the first episode!

Even though the series is not an isekai; as isekai titles have their MC’s either teleported or summoned to a fantasy world due to a “special circumstance”, or through death, Danmachi takes place in an RPG-like world called Orario where adventurers have stats like HP, MP, and other stuff like that. The fantasy world that Bell and the others are in is ACTUALLY the world that they’re in! The gods themselves are all named after the Greek gods and goddesses that many of us have known and heard of; such as Zeus, Athena, Hermes, etc. Although this is only the first episode, things are going to get a little more interesting from here.

That’ll do it for our first Danmachi episode review, but there’s more fun to be had on our next post! Until then, stay safe and take care of one another! 🙂

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