Anime REvisited: Danmachi Season One Episode Seven Review!

Anime fam, you know what time it is? It’s time for another anime review from our Anime REvisited pick for the 2020 year; Danmachi season one! This episode marks the halfway point of the series which can only mean that the plot gets good from here on out. So let’s begin with our episode seven review; shall we?

So picking up right where the last episode left off; Bell and Lily are on their way back to his and Hestia’s home after saving her life back in the dungeon. Lily mentions to Bell that she’s still remorseful after the little stunt she pulled and swindled him, but Bell (being the kind-hearted, forgiving yet naïve anime protagonist that he is) assured her that everything’s cool between them. Hestia on the other hand had her reservations about Bell’s decision on keeping Lily as a supporter; mainly on the fact that she tricked him; however she compromised and told Lily that she’ll allow her to be Bell’s supporter – if she looks out for him. Yeah, in this episode, Hestia goes full on ‘jealous girlfriend’ mode.

Later on Bell meets up with Ais and as flustered and nervous as he is around her, she states that she wants to speak with him about something. Ais was a little curious as to why Bell continued getting stronger, however she noticed that Bell’s not that good at hand-to-hand combat. Who better to teach him than his crush, right?

Throughout a portion of the episode Ais teaches Bell hand-to-hand combat as well as sleeping techniques in the dungeon. Funny moments and trying to sneak a kiss aside, Bell learns how to use the skills he’s learned from Ais as he and Lily head back to the tenth floor and fight off more monsters. It’s seems like Bell was just a weakling in the first episode of the season, but with his growth accelerating at a rate that’s making Freya turned on (oh, she gets off on it), it’ll only be a matter of time until our little adventurer accomplishes his goal of catching up to Ais What-cha-ma-call-it! XP

As I mentioned before, the series gets really good as you get further down the episode track. That’ll do it for our seventh episode review, but there’s more REvisited to come!

As always, stay safe and stay nerdy my friends! 😉

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