Anime REvisited: Danmachi Season One Episode Five Review!

Hey! We’re back with another episode review from our last Anime REvisited pick for the year; Danmachi, the first season! Later on down the road we’ll do an Anime REvisited on seasons 2 and 3, but for now, let’s get right to it!

Kicking off the fifth episode we open up with Hestia getting drunk at the tavern because she saw Bell with another woman. (If there’s one thing we know about Hestia, she can really put em’ away.) The very next morning Bell helps Hestia with her hangover from the other night, afterwards she asks him if she could hang out (which is code word for ‘date’) with him for the day. Before their date Hestia heads over to a special spa for goddesses (at least that what we can assume, but other females were there as well) before one of the women there asks if Bell is a part of Hestia’s familia.

Upon answering yes she suddenly tells the other women that he’s the one who killed the giant ape from two episodes ago; while the people watched from a distance. So what happened afterwards can only be described as Bell having a bunch of fangirls chasing after him; with Hestia HATING every minute of it!

Midway through the episode Bell comes across a book (The Book of Grimore we believe) and as he reads through the pages, the words come alive and he manages to pick up a new skill in the process – thanks to Freya (who secretly wants him to get stronger). Not long after gaining the new skill that’s called “Fire Bolt” Bell dashes into the dungeon and kills a lot of enemies while picking up jewels in the process. He eventually runs into Ais after using up his “Fire Bolt” magic but the moment he sees her while lying in her lap, Bell pulls a Sonic the Hedgehog Spin-Dash and rolls out of the dungeon. While all of this was taking place Lily had to deal with her desperate familia who see her as nothing but a useless pawn, but whenever she’s with Bell, he sees her as something more. (More on that on the next episode review.)

So far the series is pacing itself well from our view point. Thankfully it doesn’t overdue it on the fanservice and even though the series doesn’t have a main baddie, it carries out the story plot really well. That will do it for episode 5 review, but as always there’s more to come! Stay tuned! 😉

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