Anime REvisited: Danmachi Season One Episode Eight Review!

It’s officially the first day of Winter; and Christmas is in just four days! With that said it’s high time for another Anime REvisited episode review from Danmachi season one. Hopefully you guys have been enjoying these reviews as we plan to bring more in the 2021 season. So without any more delay, let’s go!

At this point of the story Bell’s skills and abilities have been increasing at an alarming rate; so much so, that Freya ‘appears’ to be throwing another challenge his way unbeknownst to him. That challenge comes in the form of a Minotaur, but not the same one that he ran from in the first episode. Although it’s only been an episode’s length Bell has been training with Ais for a week, and now she’s on a mission with the Loki familia to be the first familia to reach Level 59. (With Ais being at Level 6 that shouldn’t be a problem, right?)

Midway through the episode Bell travels to floor nine with Lily, but something feels a bit different this time around. There are no monsters to be found anywhere throughout the level which can only mean…Bell’s in for a boss fight. Out of the shadows comes the Minotaur who appears to be carrying a long sword (which he is) as Bell is shaken up by Lily due to him being frozen in fear of the Minotaur being the same one from before (which he isn’t). During the battle Bell is on ‘survivor mode’ as he puts his life on the line to make sure that the Minotaur doesn’t go after Lily.

Eventually the bout draws a crowd in the form of the Loki familia; with one of its members known as Bet (the one who made fun of Bell at the end of the first episode behind his back for being a wimp) looking on and can’t believe that Bell is fighting a Minotaur – while cracking jokes about him and Minotaurs. It was also at this moment that Bell “man’d up” and decided that he no longer wanted Ais fighting his battles form him.

Bell squared off against the Minotaur and was actually holding his own. The climax of the fight was where Bell used everything Ais taught him and more; as he FINALLY faced his demons (or Minotaur) and defeated the beast. Bell defeated a Minotaur, and based on the expression of the Loki familia, he scored himself some street cred. This was Bell’s first adventure, and although he can now say that he’s defeated a boss, this is just the beginning.

In this episode there’s a lot of growth coming from Bell in terms of him besting the Minotaur, as well as his mission to become stronger. He’s one of the most likable main protag’s that you’ll ever meet, although when it comes to anime there’s approximately 65% of them most anime fans like. Either way, Bell’s on his way to achieving his goals!

That’ll do it for our review, but there’s more to come! Stay safe this holiday season! 🙂

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