Anime REvisited: Danmachi Season One Episode Four Review!

Yo! Welcome back to another review through our Anime REvisited pick; Danmachi, the first season! We also want to say Happy Hanukkah to all of our fans who celebrate the holiday; as today marks its first day. If you haven’t heard it from our socials just yet; we’ve announced that more information about our Nerdz of the Decade podcast will be coming soon, as well as the grand unveiling of our logo. For now let’s jump into the review!

So in this episode Bell’s stats and ranks have increased ever since he got that knife from Hestia thanks to Hephaestus; so much so, that he’s considering going to Floor 7 of the dungeon. His special advisor Eina is shocked to discover that his stats have grown this much, but nevertheless she allows him to go. Before that however Eina and Bell take a trip to Hephaestus’ shop in the heart of Orario, of course Bell’s face is as red as a beet upon seeing Ina in casual wear. (A White blouse showing a fair amount of cleavage; a red skirt that a little short, and a nice pair of knee-high black boots.) While touring the shop Bell and Eina run into Hestia who works at Hephaestus’ shop to pay off her debt, and right away the goddess is jealous that ‘her’ Bell is hanging out with ‘another woman’. Oh goddess…

Later on Bell runs into a girl carrying a backpack that looks way too heavy for someone of her size named Lily. Although her intentions weren’t exactly what you call favorable, Bell was looking for a supporter in order to help him go through the trials found on the 7th floor. Things seemed to be going well for the two; even though Lily stole Bells knife and tried to sell it, only for the maids from the tavern to catch Lily in the act and return the knife to its rightful owner. So right now it looks like Lily (despite her desperate and untrusting nature) and Bell are teaming up and fighting off monsters in the dungeon, however Freya might have other plans to make things a bit more interesting…

Upon starting the series I won’t necessarily say that it’s a slow start. In fact; since Danmachi is on (or wrapping up) its third season the progression of Bell as an adventurer is fairly accurate. Even though it looks like once you get past the first season, Bell is on the path to becoming a ladies’ man due to the fact that there’s a number of women and goddesses fighting for his attention. Judging by that last sentence it appears that I’ve said more than I should have, but then again, you’ll have to watch the second and third seasons to find out.

On that note, that will do it for our episode review! There’s more Anime REvisited coming your way so stay tuned, and stay healthy! 🙂 

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