Anime REvisited: Danmachi Season One Episode Two Review!

Hey guys! Welcome back to another Anime REvisited episodic review of Danmachi season one! If you’re just tuning in, this will be our last Anime Revisited of 2020; as this year has been what some would call it…UGH! On that note, let’s get it on!

So flashing back to the first episode; you’ve already seen Bell, Hestia, and Ais along with Loki and her familia, now we find ourselves looking at Bell getting stronger due to his feelings for Ais (in hopes that she’ll notice his strength). Episode two kicks off with Hestia telling Bell about his improved stats and that she’ll be gone for a few days. It’s soon discovered that Hestia is attending a special banquet with other gods including Loki, Hermes, and her friend from Heaven Hephaestus. Also at the banquet was the Goddess of Beauty known as Freya; who came in between a cup-size argument between Loki and Hestia. (Let’s be real, we all know who won that battle.)

Later on Hestia talks with Hephaestus about crafting Bell a new weapon that will help him during battle while in the dungeon. Her response to that was she’ll help Hestia with her request, but it was going to cost her later on down the road. Afterwards while Bell was on his way to the special Monster Familia event, Loki and Ais were talking with Freya about a person that she appears to be looking for – who coincidentally fits the description of Bell. Hestia catches up with Bell and turns it into what she calls a date while he is looking for someone. I don’t know what it is about these types of scenes in anime; but just as everyone’s having a good time and minding their own business, some freakishly large creature bursts out and causes chaos – which is exactly what happens!

A giant white ape-like monster has its eyes set on Hestia, as Bell leads her through a crow of frightened people and through the alleyways of town. Somewhere during the chase Bell decides to attack the ape, but his knife shatters to pieces; causing him to use a light grenade to blind the beast in order to save Hestia. The two manage to escape for the moment but Bell realizes that he’s not strong enough to handle the ape – at least not right now. Doing what many anime male MC’s do before rushing into battle, he locks Hestia in a ‘safe place’ because he doesn’t want her to get hurt while he tries to figure out a way to handle the ape.

In this episode we start to see a few more characters and gods pop up, and even one character who may become a member of the Hestia familia down the road in a future episode. The next episode is pretty much as boss battle for Bell, so things will probably get good as the series goes on. This wraps up the second episode review from the first season of Danmachi, but there’s more content and updates to come! 😉

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