Filler Post: D&A’s 5 Tips on How to market yourself as a Cosplayer!

If your a frequent flyer in the anime convention market (in other words, a fan who likes going to cons), then you might have noticed that after you’ve taken a cosplayer’s picture, they have handed you their business card. What they are doing is marketing themselves as cosplayers. There are thousands of anime fans out there who have formed various cosplay groups (such as Potter Ninja Pro and various others), and have marketed themselves through social media, as well as in person through anime conventions. Cosplayers are the kind of people that take their passion seriously while having fun doing it, and if that’s something that you enjoy doing, then here’s some tips on how to market yourself in the anime convention circuit…


Tip #1: Dress the Part

Now, we’re not saying that you can’t express your creativity through your cosplay, but from a business perspective it’s probably a good idea to dress the part (as accurately as you can within your means). Presentation is one of the most crucial elements of Marketing and Advertising, and it tells the others that not only do you take your passion for cosplay seriously, but you also like to have fun doing it! (Also, enter into some cosplay contests if you wanna show off your creative skills!)

Tip #2: Create a Cosplay Brand Name

Here’s one of the fun parts about cosplaying; you get to create your own brand name that you get to market out there in the cosplay world of anime cons! You don’t have to think too hard about a brand name for your cosplay, because most cosplay groups or solo artists have silly ones; like Strawberry Milk Cosplay, or Kawaii Bird Cosplay. (If any of you has those names as actually cosplay brand names, then kudos and consider this a shout-out! ^.^) Having a brand name separates you from the rest of the pack so let those creative juices flow, and go for it! 😉

Tip #3: Establish a Digital Footprint

Now that you’ve dressed the part and come up with your cosplay brand name, it’s time for the bread n’ butter of Marketing and Advertising! Having social media pages for your brand can really benefit you on a business end of M&A, and as a cosplayer. (Heck, that’s why we’re where we are today as D&A! ^.^) Jump on social media tools like Facebook and Twitter and create an account for your cosplay brand, then find someone who’s great at designing business cards and send the draft to Vista Print! (Shout-outs! ^.^) After that create yourself a Youtube channel and you’ll be all set on the digital front! 🙂

D&A Anime Blog (Business Card)

Tip #4: Go to Anime Conventions

Even though you have a digital footprint, a cosplay name, and you’ve already dressed the part, no one is gonna know who you are unless you go to the cosplay world known as an anime convention! Cons are a HUGE hot spot for marketing and advertising your cosplay brand, so once you get your hands on some business cards, take em’ with you to the next con that’s happening in your area (or state). Advertising locally is great but don’t limit yourself to just one con a year, go to multiple ones so that you’ll get multiple chances to not only advertise yourself as a cosplayer, but have fun with other cosplayers in the process!

Tip #5: Ask for other Cosplayer’s Business Cards

Asking for another cosplayer’s business card is a surefire way to get you noticed by senpai even more! (Without having to do anything lewd or irrational.) Your name may even get recognized on another blogger’s page or an anime convention’s website. If that’s the case then you’ve now leveled up to Anime Convention Panelist, so bask in your hard earned glory you lovable otaku! 😉

That’s it from us and our cosplay marketing tips! If you have any questions then shoot us a comment on our Contact Us page.


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