We’re cutting through your day with D&A’s Slash Saturday!!

So we’ve finally arrived at yet another awesome Saturday night; filled with Toonami, anime, manga, and anime conventions! (Speaking of which we’ll have some new ones for the month of June coming in a few days!) As always with our Slash Saturday segment, we’ve got some killer action samurai anime titles for you to check out, as well as our inductees for both our male and female division of our Samurai Hall of Fame.

For our Samurai Anime of the Week we have a title called The Hakkenden. The story deals with the Sengoku Jidai (or period drama which the word “Jidaigeki” means in Japanese) in Awa, where the princess of the Satomi clan spiritually gave birth to eight warriors who are known as Hakkenshi, or dog warriors. These warriors are then spread out to different regions of Awa just after the princesses’ birth. The story is divided into three parts; which deals with the dog warriors facing a threat that could potentially wipe out the tiny providence of Awa and its people.  If you’re looking for a supernatural jidaigeki anime title, then be sure to check out (and stream) The Hakkenden! 🙂

The Hakkenden

Don’t forget, next Sunday we’re kicking off our brand new drop down menu Anime Sunday (aka Ani-Sunday)! It will contain two sub-pages known as Anime Couple of the Week, and Anime Episode of the Week. Next Sunday between 7pm-11pm, get ready to have a fun day of anime, on your Sunday! 😉

Stay positive, and stay gold! 😉

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