Just Another Slash Saturday Night…

We’re pretty sure you’ve all been through this before, but it’s Saturday night so let’s get at it again! After 20 years Toonami has served us old school and new school fans quite well, and they’ve even brought back an old classic…Samurai Jack! (Even though it’s going to be his last time. T.T) As for us right here on D&A, we’ve got some great samurai anime titles for you to swing your blade at, and get pumped up for some chanbara action! Speaking of which; if you’re looking for said action that you can only find in a samurai action anime title, then check out this series known as Shigurui! (It’s 18+ though so be careful.) Looking to see who’s in our lineup of great male and female samurai characters in our Hall of Fame? Then check out our Samurai Hall of Fame’s Edo Warriors and Sengoku Ladies pages underneath our drop down menu!

At the end of the month we’re going to post a preview video about D&A 411, a new end of the month monthly youtube segment that we’ll be doing for the rest of the 2017 year! (And possibly beyond.) Until then guys, enjoy Toonami and continue to like us and follow us on our social media pages! 🙂

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