D&A’s Fan Fiction 2017!!

It’s worth noting that one of the coolest things we like to do, is write fan fiction! So much so in fact, that we’ve already created a drop down menu for it so you (the fans) can check out what we’ve got goin’ on! Here’s what we’ve got in store for our 2017 fan fiction…

Sonic Danganronpa

Sonic Danganronpa, is an upcoming crossover fanfiction title and will be my first crossover title with Sonic the Hedgehog and Danganronpa! Sonic and Shadow are investigative agents who work for G.U.N. who helped fund the cost of having Hope’s Peak Academy built. During the tragedy that took place two years prior, the military has discovered the culprit who was the cause of the first mutual school killing, but has been unable to apprehend the suspect due to unforeseen reasons. The suspect’s name is Junko Enoshima.

G.U.N. sends Sonic and Shadow to Hope’s Peak Academy (disguised as Super High School Level students) to find and capture Junko Enoshima and bring her to justice, however the mission won’t be as easy as it seems. Fifteen other students have enrolled into Hope’s Peak in order to further enhance their superior skills, and various talents. There’s just one grim detail: in order for any of the students to graduate, they have to put another student in a body bag and get away with it. Sonic and Shadow become a part of a dangerous game of survival; as they not only have to deal with a sadistic yet psychotic remote control teddy bear (who’s the principal of the school), but they have to survive against the other students long enough to find Junko and put her out of commission!

Junko: The Ultimate Mastermind

Junko: The Ultimate Mastermind, is an upcoming fanfiction title and will be my first ever Danganronpa fan fiction as Cool November. Although the franchise is known for its suspenseful murder mysteries, strawberry milk blood, and court trials, this fanfic will take on the mind of an abridged parody. (Basically 25% serious, 75% dark humor and comedy with parody elements.) The setting you ask? It’ll take place in an AU after the events of Daganronpa 3’s Despair Arc.

An FBI-like federation known as the Federation of Ultimate Narcissism (F.U.N.) is known to capture high-level narcissistic criminals who pose a threat to the world as well as everyday citizens. One criminal however (named Enoshia Yamakato), has managed to escape the federation’s asylum and has asserted herself as the Ultimate Despair of the world, by stealing a specialized anime video that causes the viewers of it to go mad with despair, and initiate her own mutual killing game. In order for F.U.N. to handle a situation of this caliber they need a top-notch certified expert in the field of despair, and who better to handle a replica of the Ultimate Despair, than the Ultimate Queen of Despair herself? They may be screwing themselves dry by making a deal with the devil, but sometimes you’ve gotta fight fire with fire! A lot of OCs will be in this fanfic plus Monokuma’s back to cause more misery and despair! (Nuk-nuk-nuk!) So hold onto your butts cuz’ Junko Enoshima’s about to make her epic entrance!

Hyakka Ryoran: Samurai S

Hyakka Ryoran: Samurai S, is a crossover fanfiction title between Sonic the Hedgehog and Hyakka Ryoran: Samurai Girls. The story takes place after the first season of Samurai Girls in the wake of the final battle between Jubei and Gisen. A mysterious samurai from a land on the other side of Mt. Fuji appears on the grounds of Buou Academy. Unknown to the students or the Tokugawa Shogunate, the samurai is known across the land as Sonikku Sokudo (Sonic Speed); one of the Five Samurai Demigods of Great Japan. The anthropomorphic hedgehog samurai makes his way towards Yagyu Dojo when he suddenly hears a loud crash coming from inside the gates. Using his super sonic speed Sonikku leaps over the gate as he discovers that the outside courtyard has been destroyed, and looks over to see a group of girls alongside a silver-haired male. The girls themselves were fighting against another group of girls carrying various samurai weapons; making Sonikku assume that they were the ones who caused the destruction of the courtyard, and that the group of girls and the male were the ones trying to stop them.

Grabbing the hilt of his Shimo Daito, he glares at one of the girls who has headphones on her head before she looked in his direction. Sonikku demanded that they leave or he would be forced to fight them, an action that he’s trying to minimize as much as possible. The girl wearing headphones (known as Musashi Miyamoto) smirked at the samurai hedgehog before signalling to her girls that it was time to leave, but not before pausing just a moment as she felt the aura coming from Sonikku herself. The other girls that were with Musashi noticed the look in her eye, as she only gets that look whenever there’s an opponent stronger than her around. After their departure Sonikku approaches the group of girls alongside the male that was with them, as he gave them a foxy grin and introduced himself. That was the day that changed the lives of the master samurai that lived in Yagyu Dojo…

The post dates have changed a bit but these are the fan fiction titles that will be coming to the blog, as well as on Fanfiction.net! Stick around for em’! 😉