Punch Out of Work, and Get Ready For D&A Friday’s!!

Yep, we said it. It may be St. Patty’s Day, but on D&A Anime Blog it’s One-Punch Night! Celebrate more than just the Luck of the Irish tonight with some anime and manga titles that we bring straight from the web, to your screen! Wanna pack more punch into your day or night, then watch yourself some One-Punch Man! Are you in the mood for some action, fantasy, and romance? Then this little manga title known as Enchanter might be just what you need for that action-fantasy-romance craving that you have. Saturday night brings us another round of Jack, Samurai Jack, as we give this old school title the conclusion that it rightfully deserves. Don’t forget to like us and follow us on our Facebook and Twitter pages to keep up with all the updates and new info we’ve got goin’ on, right here on D&A Anime Blog! It’s a part of you! 😉