Throwback Thursday: Kickin’ It Old School!

Anime has been around a long time, longer than any of us millennials have even been alive. (Or even born.) So on that note we can just say that there would be no new school anime, without those old school titles! One of those titles is known as one of the first anime superhero titles of the 70’s, and its name is quite familiar to both new and old anime fans. To see what we mean by this statement check out our 70’s Anime of the Week pick under the drop down known as Throwback Thursday!

Tomorrow is Friday once again so you know what that means, right? Full on anime and manga titles for you to check out and enjoy, plus some trivia on both sides to keep your otaku knowledge up to date. Saturday night is a BIG night for one reason only: Samurai Jack, is BAAAAAACK!!! Stick around for more updates and more fun, as we at D&A continue our trend of bringing you the latest and greatest in anime and manga, snacks from Japan, and so much more! 🙂