It’s All Edo on Saturday Night!!

Saturday nights have never been this exciting! Well, actually every Saturday night can be exciting, but it’s even more exciting with D&A as well as Toonami! Grab your swords and get ready for a night of Edo madness as we bring you some awesome samurai anime titles, as well as our male and female Hall of Fame inductees. Looking for a samurai anime classic filled with everything you love about Feudal Japan? Then check out this anime movie (and 2003 series) known as Ninja Scroll! Wanna know who we’ve picked as our inductees for our Samurai Hall of Fame? Then you’ll have to check our male and female pages to find out!

On both our facebook and twitter pages we’ve mentioned that there is going to be a brand new page coming to our D&A Friday’s drop down menu. The name of that page is called Anime OVA of the Week, and it will make its debut April 7, 2017! Until then anime fans, get ready for some Samurai Jack as well as the rest of Toonami, as they celebrate 20 awesome years! 🙂