Is it wrong to watch Anime and read Manga on a Friday night?

No, not one bit! If you’re an anime otaku, it’s never wrong to watch anime and read manga on any day of the week! (That includes holidays too!) On that note, we welcome you to another fantastic Friday night of anime and manga titles on D&A Anime Blog! Have you ever wondered if it was wrong to pick up girls in a dungeon? Then why not check out the anime title of the same name and see for yourself! On the lookout for a Feudal Japan manga story that deals with a misfit looking for her ‘Prince Charming’? Then check out this little title known as Tail of the Moon!

Tomorrow night is another epic round of the usual entertainment; Toonami, D&A Slash Saturday, and another season five episode of Samurai Jack! We’ll keep you updated about the remaining stops on our anime convention tour, our new youtube and blog page segment, and any other exciting news that we happen to stumble upon! Stay true anime fans and remember, D&A is a part of you! 😉

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