D&A Fridays: Where Fridays are a Part of You!!

Ever since we started this little segment, we’ve been getting a lot of love from our fans as well as recommendations for anime and manga titles (both old and new) for us to give you a brief rundown on. For that we say thank you! Friday nights for us have always been exciting on the blog and we have you (the fans) to thank for that. As long as the two of us have limbs on our bodies we’ll continue bringing you guys some of the latest and greatest anime and manga title reviews to check out, and trivia to test your otaku knowledge on!

As we’ve mentioned a thousand times already, Saturday marks the season premiere of Samurai Jack! So to celebrate the upcoming fifth and final season of this Cartoon Network original series, we’re going to have a special Samurai Jack themed Slash Saturday segment! There will be more updates and more excitement coming to the blog soon, so stay tuned for us and keeping making D&A a part of you! 🙂