A New Playlist Title and Other News…

We’re sorry that we didn’t get the chance to do our weekly Throwback Thursday segment tonight, however we’ve got other great news regarding what’s coming up for D&A! Starting at the end of this month and on the last day of every month, we’re having a little monthly youtube segment known as D&A 411! During this segment we’ll be talking about what anime titles we’ll be reviewing next month, what exciting new updates FUNimation and Crunchyroll have for us, and (if we’ve got any) some possible blog updates. We’ve noticed that we haven’t been paying our youtube page a lot of attention, but we’re hoping that this new segment will spice things up!

Also, we’ve confirmed the new title name for our new music playlist feature coming to the blog in Spring 2018. The title name of the playlist is Tronicstyle, and it will feature original tracks/mixes from Dangantronic Bass (D.J. Lewis) that range in various types of electronic music genres such as Dubstep, EDM Trap, House, Electrohop, Drum n’ Bass, Chiptune, Moombahton, R&B, Video Game Remixes, and Experimental. Stick around our D&A Friday’s segment as always, and of course don’t forget about Saturday nights; where Toonami reigns supreme, and Jack is back! 😉

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