Anime REvisited: Hyakka Ryoran: Samurai Bride – Samurai Girls S2 Episode 6!

We have returned with another episode review from our Anime REvisited pick; Samurai Bride! Guess what? Another new character joins that party, so let’s get it started!

Right now the Dark Samurai are fighting someone who appears to possess the same type of Ki that Jubei did, but there’s something about her that kinda rubbed them the wrong way. Once the mysterious person’s antics got under their skin, especially Musashi’s, it was time for the mysterious pink haired woman to hightail it outta there before things got any worse.

Meanwhile back at the dojo Muneakira put up a sign saying that the True Shadow is closing for good, but for some reason Kanetsugu didn’t get the message…or did she? During a couple of the flashbacks (with Kanetsugu) the others took a look at the video from the Grand Prix, as well as the Ki that came from the Dark Samurai. They knew that time was of the essence so they thought it was time to train. During their training sessions the girls and Muneakira were interrupted by Kanetsugu’s antics which caused them to be distracted, but it appeared as though Jubei was the only one not bothered by it. They then left the dojo in hopes of getting some peaceful meditation underneath the waterfall. Welp, that didn’t last long, as Kanetsugu caused a ruckus and threw giant logs from atop the falls while (again) Jubei wasn’t bothered by it.

Afterwards they return to the dojo where Muneakira apologized about not letting Kanetsugu know about the closing of the maid café. Jubei thought it would be a good idea to enter into the dojo with Muneakira, so the two went inside to look for Kanetsugu. They found her as she stated that she wasn’t having fun anymore, and that Jubei was the only one who understood the Ki training. The others confronted Kanetsugu, but…something was off about her; as if she wasn’t herself. Matabei noticed it too, which didn’t take the others long to put two-and-two together, and discover that Kanetsugu was in fact the mysterious woman known as the Ki Master; Kaeji Maeda.

By the end of the episode (and after Jubei got her Master Samurai powers back), Kaeji stuck around to help the girls master their Ki in order to be ready for their meeting with the Dark Samurai. Although, Jubei can’t turn back to her original form…which we hope can be solved in the next episode.

That’s it for this review, so until next time stay nerdy! 😉