D&A Anime Blog: Holiday Special Podcast & New Year’s Resolutions!

So it’s now the final week of 2021, and in a post-pandemic world (which we’re still dealing with) many of us have been counting our blessings and taking any ‘wins’ where we can get them. Most of us have found a new hobby or picked up a new skill, while others have decided to become a better version of themselves by updating their ‘Operational System’ and becoming more self-aware of their surroundings. There’s a whole lot of lessons to be learned from this year, and here’s hoping that we don’t walk into the new year with old baggage! As for us at D&A, we plan on doing what we’ve been doing all year for next year; bringing you the best nerdy content we can create!

When it comes to New Year’s many people have resolutions that they want to make happen for that year; such as dropping 30 pounds, being more social, getting a girlfriend/boyfriend, or buying a house. Resolutions are cool, but if you put them on your vision board you’ll be much more motivated and committed to them – at least in our case. Speaking of which we have some New Year’s resolutions of our own, and unlike the ones that most people drop after six weeks, these are the ones we’re committed to sticking with for a long time!

More Nerdz of the Decade and D&A Studios Podcast Episodes

Well of course we’re gonna give you more of this. For 2022 we’ve got some new episodes of our podcast coming to our D&A Studios Youtube page that feature any and everything geeky and nerdy. Plus we’ll be working harder than ever to bring you some awesome special guests as well.

Anime Convention Content

Ok, so it’s been two years since our last convention due to the on-going event that is COVID-19. Although drastic safety measures have been put into place for many of the anime conventions that were lucky enough to re-open their doors, we’ve been both hesitant and conflicted about when is it safe enough for us to return. Yes, we’re triple vaxxed and double masked whenever we travel outside of our homes, but for 2022 we’ll keep you posted if we make the decision to go to a convention.

More Blog Posts

Yep, there will be more blog posts for 2022! This includes new posts from our newest segment Poetic Rants From Comedic Circumstance. Also Anime REvisited might be making a comeback as well.

I’m not sure if there’s anything else we might have forgotten, but you can bet that these resolutions are ones we plan on keeping regardless if its a new year or not! That will do it for this post so until the next one, stay nerdy my friends! 😉

D&A Studios Weekly Update & Nerdz Christmas Special!

Hey guys! This is a little weekly update of our D&A Studios youtube channel, as we’ve just dropped another video giving you the full story of D&A Anime Blog and the sub-brands that followed. On Christmas Eve we’ll be dropping our 18th Nerdz of the Decade episode; which will be our FIRST Christmas special. Hopefully you all are staying safe this holiday season and have gotten vaxxed, boosted, or both. 2021 has been ‘interesting’ for us in terms of the blog’s future, and where we see ourselves in the coming years (preferably 2026). Until then we’ll keep bringing you awesome nerdy content that you know and love, and as always we thank you for all of the love and support that you’ve given us over the years that we’ve been around. Until next post, Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! 😉

A Founder’s Thought’s with D.J. Lewis: Netflix & Live-Action Cowboy Bebop Fallout!

Ok, I’ve noticed that ever since anime has been socially accepted among the ranks of mainstream media (and pop culture), everybody and their mama has been trying to cash in on its profitable success. Sony bought FUNimation to help expand its brand globally and even get several anime movies into theaters, while another streaming giant we all know as Netflix has been throwing their hat into the ring with their own anime catalog. The once niche medium that I used to get bullied over back in high school is now stompin’ with the ‘big boys’, and for me and any other fan; that’s both a blessing and a curse.

It’s a blessing because every other person I’ve talked to has seen at least one or all of hit titles; Dragon Ball, One Piece, Naruto, Sailor Moon, Demon Slayer, and My Hero Academia! Those titles are hot on the market right now. If you’ve been to a movie theater lately (or just recently) you might have come up against one of these titles in a movie. Anime is so mainstream, that it has crossed over into other fandoms like professional wrestling and football. (Hell, even rappers like Megan Thee Stallion talk about it through her lyrics and has probably seen a LOT of My Hero Academia.) In the last decade or so there were probably so many people who were afraid to come out as anime fans due to the ridicule they might receive. Now that its poppin’, they’re coming outta the woodwork like ants at a summer picnic. Anime is now one of the ‘cool kids’ at the party, however everything that glitters…is not gold. 

Many we’re excited about this, but…

Growing up in the 90’s was a fun time; Nintendo and SEGA we’re battling it out for childhood video game supremacy, Gushers were more fun to eat than Skittles, the TGIF lineup was the best primetime lineup in all of television, and Saturday Morning Cartoons were the best invention a kid could ask for! It was also back during this time that the franchises you know and love today decided to take a shot in the world of Live-Action Adaptation. I think the first video game to receive one during this time was Super Mario Bros. with its own movie. Then I think there was the live-action Mortal Kombat movie…um, okay.

Remember when I said that anime being mainstream is both a blessing and a curse? Well, here’s the problem with anime being mainstream. I’m not saying I have an issue with production studios or streaming platforms doing live-action adaptations of anime titles that I (and many other fans) grew up on, but unless you got the original Japanese creator and director as part of the production crew; along with a movie budget that’s somewhere between Pixar and MCU, I’d keep away from that avenue if you don’t know what you’re doing.

So now this brings me to the fallout on Netflix’s live-action Cowboy Bebop. One thing I will applaud them on is the fact that they paid homage to the original anime opening and even kept the original opening theme by TANK. Since Netflix’s track record with live-action anime is shaky at best, many hardcore fans of the series we’re already praying for its downfall…and it did just that after one season. This of course lead to some division amongst fans saying that the toxic portion of the fandom is the reason why the live action failed, while others stated that Netflix didn’t see it as profitable as they’d hoped it would be.

In the director’s defense they we’re trying something a little different out that didn’t match the exact plot of the anime series, nor didn’t want it to be a carbon-copy of it. Even the Mortal Kombat live-action movie of the 90’s had ‘B-Movie’ scripting, but its still beloved by the former children of that decade. Anime on the other hand is a whole other monster when it comes to live-action adaptation. So yeah, Netflix tried to stay true to the original (and in some aspects they did) but due to what I heard in many of those comments is ‘lack of emotion’ and ‘poor direction’, Netflix Bebop never made it past season one.

I’ll say this and then I’ll wrap it up; being an actor, voice actor, director, costume designer or script writer is not an easy job. Sadly social media and other digital outlets don’t make it easy for them mentally when the project they’ve worked on flops, but even so, they get back up and try it again. Netflix tried a live-action Bebop, and it flopped after the first season. Even though there’s a petition to try and make Netflix make a second season, I don’t see Netflix making that happen…especially if they said it was in their words ‘unprofitable’. I think that may be the other reason why it might’ve flopped; because just like another live-action movie I won’t mention, it was all about collecting the check! I dunno Netflix; maybe try being more like Paramount with the Sonic Movie franchise and put people in the production crew who are hardcore fans of the series, who knows what the fans like and wanna see. That’s just me.

Anyway that’s it for my thoughts. Until next time guys.  

D&A Anime Blog: ‘Nerdz’ is Back and New Filler Posts Are Coming Soon…ner than You Think!

Winter is coming! Oh wait, it’s already here. Well guys, the last several weeks have been quite troublesome on our end – in terms of getting content up on both our youtube page as well as the blog.  Not to worry though; as we’ve been able to smooth out the bumps on the road and are slowly but surely getting back into the swing of things! Speaking of which we’ve just dropped a brand new Nerdz of the Decade podcast episode this past weekend; which you can check out down below if you haven’t seen it yet.

It’s been awhile…

In other D&A news we’ll be working on bringing you guys some new filler posts featuring all of the nerdy stuff you love! Heck, we might even decide to do some retro video game reviews again. In terms of us going back to anime conventions in 2022, that decision is still up in the air for a couple reasons; one of which has to do with the new COVID variant – even though we’re both boosted. Anyway, that’s our update post for today, but before we go we wanna share with you guys a new trailer of a sequel from a certain blue hedgehog. 😉

Sonic is Back!

THIS JUST IN!! D&A Anime Blog Makes The Top 100 Anime Blogs List Of 2021!

Looks like we’re famous now! According to blog.feedspot.com; which reviews and selects various blogs from around the globe to be a part of their Top 100 selection each year, ya bois at D&A Anime Blog have made it to their top 100 selection in the Anime Blog Division! Right now we’re ranked as the 39th (now 38th) most popular blog in the world, and we honestly couldn’t have done it without the love and support of our fans! We also saw a few of our anime blogger fans on the list as well, so we also wanna congratulate them for being selected and contributing to the anime community. If you guys run an anime blog and wanna make next year’s Top 100 list, be sure to head over to blog.feedspot.com and submit your blog’s name. (Or if you wanna check out where we ranked, you can click this link: Feedspot’s Top 100 Anime Blogs.) Until next post, we thank you guys from the bottom of our hearts for helping to make this happen! 🙂

Top 100 Anime Blogs of 2021!!

D&A Update: Next Week, We’re Back On Track!

We’re gonna be honest; the past two weeks have been rather hectic to say the least. Now that the “Black Friday” madness is over (along with any leftovers we still have), we can focus our energy into doing what we do best; bringing you more anime-filled, nerdy content. Our Youtube podcast Nerdz of the Decade returns with brand new episodes starting this weekend, and we pick up where we left off on Fena: Pirate Princess next Monday with A Founder’s Review with D.J. Lewis. As far as when we might be going back to conventions, we’re scouting some cons that we can attend, and we’ll keep you updated if we plan on going to any. As always we thank you guys for all of the love and support that you’ve given us, and we will continue to return the favor by giving you guys the best nerdy content that we can provide.

That’s it for our update, so until next post, stay nerdy! 😉

A Founder’s Thoughts with D.J. Lewis: Thanksgiving 2021!

So it’s that time of the year again; the holiday between Halloween and Christmas where everyone’s trying to find the right sized turkey, booking flights out of state to visit loved ones when they couldn’t do it last year, and waiting outside in 30-below weather for blockbuster deals on any and every electronic device out here today. Yep, it’s Thanksgiving once again, and more than half of America is happy that they can see the people they couldn’t see last year. When it comes to National ‘Leave No Turkey Un-feathered’ day, the meal pretty much consists of the usual suspects; candy yams, mac ‘n cheese, sweet potato pie (or pumpkin pie), greens, and that one dish from your ‘newly-vegan’ cousin. I know you’ve heard it a million-and-one times before, but the last 21 months have been absolutely crazy!

Race in America has been one of the biggest issues that we’re still dealing with as a country, and proof of that comes on the heels of two of the biggest racially-defining trials since the George Floyd case. Honestly when it came down to the verdicts of both cases, one of the takeaways I’ve gotten is the fact that we’ve got some serious soul searching to do – as humans. It still rattles my brain that in the span of taking one year off from our busy lives due to a life-changing event; half of America has lost their sense of empathy, compassion, patience, and understanding.

With an event of this magnitude effecting every aspect of human life, you would think that we would come together as a collective (not to say that most of us aren’t), but the level of division among this country in terms of politics, race, and opinions is still at an all-time high. Many people have accepted who people really are and no longer associate themselves with them, while others have lost their faith in humanity; leaving some to try and help persevere it in some way, shape, or form. Which is why this Thanksgiving; one of the things I’m the most thankful for is my sanity, my family, and keeping good people with good vibes around me.

Hopefully you guys are with your loved ones this holiday, and for those who’ve lost a loved one to COVID-19 or any other serious illness last year (or even this year), I pray that God gives you comfort through this season. Take care and love one another.

D&A Studios: New Nerdz of the Decade Episodes Coming December 4th!

Hey guys. We know it’s been awhile since our last post, as things have been kinda melancholy as of late. If you haven’t noticed by now, we haven’t been posting any new episodes of our Nerdz of the Decade podcast. That’s not to say that we’ve stopped making them, its just right now we’re working on new topics that are a little more relevant to what new developments are happening. In the meantime we’ve been trying out this little experiment called Anime Quickie; a one man short-form podcast featuring A. Goldman that pretty much talks about similar topics that you’ve might have heard us talk about on the podcast. If this experiment gets a little more traffic, then we might incorporate it as part of our D&A Studios lineup. As always we thank you guys so much for being a part of our nerdy little journey, and we plan on bringing you guys the best nerdy content that we can offer! Until next post, stay nerdy! 😉    

D&A Anime Blog: Returning To Conventions, What’s New For 2022, and More!

So here we are just six weeks away from 2022, and it’s pretty obvious that going through a world-changing experience (like the pandemic) really makes you think about where you see yourself in the near-future. Though we’re still dealing with the effects of the ‘obvious state of the world’, things are slowly coming back to normal. For the last 20 months or so, no anime fan on Earth though anime conventions would come back in-person; but not only did most of them return in the flesh, but fans have returned to their favorite nerd sanctuaries fully-vaxxed with their cards, and their masks. With that in mind, what’s next for D&A in the year 2022?

We’ve been wingin’ it all year

Just this past Summer we’ve launched our YouTube podcast known as “Nerdz of the Decade” as well as our product reviewing series through D&A Studios. With things they way they are now, we find ourselves in a state where we feel as though we want to reignite that fire and that passion that D&A has given us! Sure, the last 20 months have kept us away from conventions and seeing our fans and super fans in the flesh, as well as test us to see if we want to continue D&A. For many of us who run conventions; said owners and staff had to make announcements that they will be closing the doors of their cons due to financial loss because of the pandemic, while others had to rely on ‘GoFundMe’ pages or downsize just to stay afloat. This past weekend our home convention in Baltimore, Maryland known as “Animore” had to shut down and disband because of financial loss. The news cut us deeply because D&A’s level of popularity and exposure in the convention circuit, would’ve never gotten off the ground had it not been for this convention.

Though we’re not sure what will take its place (or if even anything anime-related will take its place), we will always cherish the memories that Animore has given us as well as all of the awesome people that we’ve met. Receiving this news got us thinking about the current state of D&A and what we wanna do moving forward. We don’t really make a lot of money doing what we do, and any money that can be made is through merch sales (which we’re working on), content monetization (which doesn’t bring in as much as you think on YouTube unless you’ve got 100,000+ subs), and affiliate links. Despite this, we’re not ones to give up and walk away that easily; and will continue to give you guys awesome nerdy content through the blog, as well as on YouTube.

As far as our return to cons go, we will be returning to them towards the second quarter of 2022, and we’ll make sure that we keep a list of which ones we’ll be attending in the coming months.

That will do it for this special announcement, but there’s more content coming so stay tuned! 😉 

NEW 2022 SEGMENT ALERT!! Poetic Rants From Comedic Circumstance!

Isekai, Ecchi, Harem. It seems like every season we get a fist full of anime titles from those three genres, and in some cases those titles might even be a combination of all three. For many fans they’re not surprised and for others, well, they’re happy that they now have new potential ‘waifu’ material. (Or ‘husbando’, we’re equal opportunity!) Over the last decade (and maybe a handful of years) we’ve seen this trend of shows with more fanservice in the ‘T&A’ department, and less attention paid to plot or character development. With this trend came a lot of rants on social media (or ‘anitwitter’ as some of us are calling it) about the over-saturation of fanservice from Isekai, Ecchi, and Harem. Although we have our own opinions about those three genres, we’ve decided to channel the ‘frustrations’ of said fans who’ve ranted about this semi-controversial topic, through a comedic pathway.

Keep in mind that the new segment we’re working on bringing to you bounces between TV-14 and TV-MA; which is also the television ratings for a lot of the titles that are labeled Ecchi or Harem. The name of our new segment is called “Poetic Rants From Comedic Circumstance”. We basically poke fun at the Isekai, Harem, and Ecchi genres leaving no stone un-turned when it comes to their tropes; some of which you’re sick of, and some you can’t live without. Also keep in mind that these are just jokes; as there are pockets of individuals within the dark corners of anime fandom, that will burst a blood vessel cuz’ we dissed their waifus. The new segment kicks off on the first Monday in January 2022!

That’s it for our announcement, so until our next post, stay nerdy my friends! 😉