Anime REvisited: Hyakka Ryoran: Samurai Bride – Samurai Girls S2 Episode 5!

It’s time! Well…for another episode review of our Anime REvisited pick known as Hyakka Ryoran: Samurai Bride. We’ve hit another swimsuit beach episode, but this time we get to see the Dark Samurai in their swimsuits; not that we’re “those” kind of guys. Anyhoo, let’s get it!

So during this episode there a special event called the M-1 Grand Prix, and upon hearing it we immediately thought this was a drag racing episode. That wasn’t true; but we did get another swimsuit episode where the final two teams consisting of the True Shadow maidens, and the Dark Samurai (who secretly formed their own maid café and people have no idea where the hell they’re located). There’s not too much going on in this episode so this review will be pretty brief.

After a few scenes of what both teams were doing prior to the event, Hanzo introduces the final four events of the competition; complete with Kanetsugu making an ass outta herself on an intrusively comedic scale several times through the competition. After all of the shenanigans played out (including Gisen trying to give Muneakira a ‘Happy Ending’) it was time for the final event; Fair and Square Sword Fighting featuring Jubei and Musashi. The two were set to battle each other but (again) Kanetsugu got in the way and triggered several booby traps placed on the battlefield. Fed up with all of the foolishness only found in ecchi harem anime, Musashi’s power level jumped to OVER 9000!!! (I don’t care how much you’re tired of THAT reference, I’m gonna throw it in my reviews every chance I get!)

Muneakira saw what was about to happen and darted straight for Musashi. Welp, that wasn’t a smart move, cuz’ homegirl launched him about 50 feet in the air and told him that she’d take him out first. Jubei wasn’t having it and charged forward towards Musashi with her Kaioken-looking Ki (I told you I wasn’t done) and proved to her that she was the real deal. Now understanding where she’d coming from, Musashi exited the competition with the other three girls and told Jubei she’d better be at full power once the one-month deadline was up. Long-story-short; Jubei and her team won the Grand Prix with no audience (not cuz’ of Covid, but probably all of their shenanigans drove them away), and Musashi got what she wanted. The end!

That’s it! That’s the review. Until next time guys, stay nerdy! 😉