Anime REvisited: Hyakka Ryoran: Samurai Bride – Samurai Girls S2 Episode 2!

Welcome back guys! It’s time for another anime episode review from our Anime REvisited pick; which is the second season of Samurai Girls! This one’s more of a filler episode, so let’s get to it!

Once the episode kicks off Hanzo chases after something that stole something…valuable, while the other girls are taking a bath inside the dojo; trying to figure out who the Dark Samurai were. While Sanada and Sen had their suspicions and their theories, they are unaware that some type of ‘being’ has been stealing panties from one of the girls in particular. (Yeah, this is one of those episodes.)

Eventually its discovered that Sanada’s panties have gone missing, and believes that Muneakira is the culprit. Sen thinks she’s out of her mind and even states that if she’s wrong, she’ll strip naked and dance in front of everyone – even Muneakira. Said MC walks around with a bowl of fruit wondering what to do with it and hears a noise coming from outside. It turns out to be a small monkey with a tiny bag on its back. While Sanada, Hanzo, Metabei, and Sen try to discover if Muneakira’s the culprit for her missing panties, he’s in the kitchen with the monkey feeding it fruit until he discovers that it was the one who stole Sanada’s panties. Like every male anime protagonist trying to prove their innocence, the girls bust in on him with Sanada’s lady draws in hand; even though he KNOWS he’s innocent.

After a comedic case of mistaken identity, they find the monkey that tried to sneak away unscathed; who’s name happens to be Sasuke – NOT the one you’re thinking of! With everyone gathered Sasuke tells them that she found the dojo/café from one of the Dark Samurai (Ishun to be exact), while at the same time Musashi decides to make another trip to the café much to the others’ dismay; especially Sasaki’s.

Back at the dojo its resident annoyance Kanetsugu hated the idea that Sasuke was going to be living with Sanada and the others. With Kanetsugu wanting to prove to the little monkey that he’s the top maid (for some reason) she greets Musashi with…a lovely fanservice view of her ass! (It’s more funny if you actually watch it, but you better be ova 18 though!)

By the end of the episode (and after discovering that Sasuke now has the power of a Master Samurai via Muneakira’s kiss) the maid café was back up and running again as it made bank to stay afloat. Of course Kanetsugu realized that her time at the dojo may be running out so she states that she’ll fight harder to stay; of course Sanada had something to say about that! Yeah, so that’s the episode.

That’ll wrap this review up but don’t worry cuz’ we’ve got more coming your way! Until next post, stay nerdy my friends! 😉