Anime REvisited: Panty & Stocking With Garterbelt Season One Episode One!

Yo, anime fam! We have returned with a brand new season of Anime REvisited; where we give you full episodic reviews on past anime titles. This time around, we’re taking a trip to Daten City – home of the fallen ‘so-called’ angels known as Panty and Stocking Anarchy. The origin story of this show is just as crazy as the show itself; as it was developed during a drunken vacation with the creator and staff. I’m letting you know right off the bat; this ain’t a show for kiddos, by that we mean anyone who isn’t already familiar with the level of comedy to come out of shows like South Park or Family Guy. Keeping that in mind, let’s kick off the review of the first episode of this wildly inappropriate yet funny-as-hell series.

Daten’s finest!

We’re given a narration by an Afro-American man named Garterbelt who takes us through the lives of the people of Daten City; a town that lies on the fault line of Heaven and Hell, where on a daily basis it’s under constant attack by evil spirits known as ghosts. We are then taken to a church on a hill next to a graveyard where we’re met by a green zipper dog who reminds me of a knockoff Gir from Invader Zim. (Trust me; I’m not the only one who thought that.) As the dog get struck by a bolt of lightning Garterbelt slams his head with a mallet as a note pops out and reads “W.C.” which means water closet (bathroom). At that moment we’re finally introduced to the anarchy sisters Panty and Stocking; with Panty being the blonde who loves sex more than anything else, and Stocking who loves sweets more than life itself.

Garterbelt tells them that they have a mission to kill ghosts so they can get back into Heaven. Oh yeah, did I tell you that they were kicked out? Well, they were thrown out for breaking about 7 or 8 of the Ten Commandments, so in order to return they have to collect heaven coins to buy their way back. This leads them onto their first mission; to find the ghost responsible for causing toilets to eat the people taking a dump in them. (Yes, this episode is all about poop! XP) Panty and Stocking screw up on this assignment and mistake a plumber for being the ghost, which in turn ends in him getting screwed – in a lucky bastard kinda way. Afterwards nightfall arrives and after some more craziness (and barfing plus Panty in deep shite – literally), the ghost finally appears.

Now we’re about to see the real reason they’re called Panty and Stocking. The two then transform into their anime magical girl-style angel forms via pole dancing and techno music. Panty then shoots the ghost after taking off her panties and transforming them into a gun, while Stocking takes off one of her stockings and transforms it into a katana, and slices the ghost into pieces. It blows up and the two of them get a heaven coin for their hard work, while the town is covered in shite. The second half of the episode is pretty much a car chase with sex jokes thrown in, as Panty and Stocking find themselves on another mission to stop a ghost who likes to go fast.

Right off the bat the art style flips between traditional anime (via transformation) and the late 90’s/early 2000’s animation style found in Dexter’s Lab or the Powerpuff Girls. This show pays homage to American pop-culture through its episode titles, movie references, and cameo appearances; even the way that they break down episodes – by doing it in two parts like how all the early 2000’s cartoons on Cartoon Network did it. Like we said before, this is a TV-MA rated show, so be prepared for more shite’s n’ giggles moving forward in this series. Until next post, stay safe and stay nerdy! 😉

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