Anime REvisited: Hyakka Ryoran: Samurai Bride – Samurai Girls S2 Episode 4!

Hey-hey! We have reappeared with another episode review from our Anime REvisited pick known as Hyakka Ryoran: Samurai Bride! Someone from the past has returned, but who is it? Let’s find out!

The episode opens up with Musashi leaving the dojo (True Shadow) while Sasaki looks on in pure jealousy; although the results of that will be revealed near the end of the episode. While inside Sanada reveals that the maid café is making a killing in the profits department, but believes that they might need another maid to help eliminate their debt completely. Suddenly a silver-haired female shows up with a bag over her face who looks mysteriously like…Gisen?! (She’s baaaaaaack!)

As if Muneakira and the girls didn’t have enough to deal with regarding the Dark Samurai, now the main antagonist from the first season has been resurrected as well; which isn’t surprising to Sanada, because Jubei was resurrected after the first season’s end. While tied up Gisen talks about the power of the samurai bride and how the general ultimately makes that decision when the time comes, as for Muneakira; upon remembering everything Gisen did last season, he doesn’t trust her as far as he can throw her. Realizing she’s not wanted Gisen up and leaves the dojo but not before she’s glomped by the rest of the cast. She then ends up locked in a special house outside the dojo to make sure she doesn’t cause any more trouble, but if Gisen can’t do it physically, she’ll do it mentally.

What happens within the next 5-7 minutes of the episode is pure ecchi hilarity; Sanada downs carton after carton of milk in hopes Muneakira will see her as a woman, Sen gets help from her hyper masochistic right hand woman; Hanzo, to help her be more of a lady and less of a spoiled princess. Kanaetsugu think about what will happen if she does more than kiss Muneakira; which is pretty much sex, and thus she freaks out! The results of Gisen’s lil’ charade plays out near the end of the episode; which may signal that she’s back to her old ways at least in the viewer’s eyes since she’s ‘killing time’ until Amakusa’s resurrection. Meanwhile Jubei’s in the forest training until she’s approached by Sasaki, who then uses her power to compel Jubei to kill herself by falling down the stairs.

Gisen sees this from a distance as she rushes in to save her, and then glares at Sasaki realizing that she tried to murder her big sister. Not having it Gisen prepares to use her ‘evil eye’ against Sasaki, but Muneakira and the others showed up so there was no reason for her to fight since she was clearly outnumbered. Sasaki disappeared but not before letting Gisen know that she’d love to go one-on-one with her one day. By the end of the episode Gisen apologizes for her shenanigans and says it’s not a good idea for her to stay in the dojo, but Jubei begs to differ, and tells her that she’ll find some maid café clothes for her to try on. Gisen’s back, so let the real party begin!

That’ll do it for this review, but there’s more content on the way! Until next post, stay nerdy! 😉