Anime REvisited: Hyakka Ryoran: Samurai Bride – Samurai Girls S2 Episode 1!

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Sup! Anime REvisited has returned to its original format and we’re reviewing titles that have already been released in the past 5, 10, or even 20 years. For our return we return to a title that we’ve done awhile back that you may know as Hyakka Ryoran: Samurai Girls. Well, we’re doing its second season known as Samurai Bride. Everybody from the first season is back, as well as a new threat and some new faces. So without further delay, let’s get to it!

Six months have passed since the events of the final episode of season one; where Jubei defeated Gisen and thus disappeared shortly after – at least that’s what we thought. Muneakira returns from his training to his family’s dojo and finds Metabei sweeping the steps while taking about the various maid cafes he’s seen while on his travels; and is glad that he doesn’t have to worry about one of those being next to the academy. Well that’s wishful thinking on his part, because thanks to some bad financial decisions (on Sanada’s end) the dojo had to be turned into a maid café in order to make rent; cuz’ being a samurai hero ain’t cuttin’ it no more! As much as Muneakira hated it, he knew that if he and the girls couldn’t make rent, in just three months the dojo would be owned by the government.

If you’re looking for Kanetsugu, she’s out advertising the maid café created from the Yagyu dojo. She finds herself in some type of dark area not far from the dojo, as she is frustrated that the other girls treat her like a commoner and a nuisance (which she has been in the past) Suddenly she hears a voice as a girl in a black kimono appears, followed by other voices belonging to three other women; who happen to be master samurai. Apparently these four women appear as shadows early in the episode as Nia confronts them, but she discovers that they’ve been resurrected through unknown means by their general. The four of them named Musashi, Ishun, Araki, and Sasaki call themselves The Dark Samurai.

After making their way to the dojo they discover that it’s really a maid café. They of course go along with it and act as customers while Muneakira and the other girls give them five star customer service. It wasn’t until Musashi asked for the ‘real’ Jubei’s whereabouts that things got a little serious; which led to a challenge out in the courtyard where the Dark Samurai demonstrated their powers, and pretty much kicked the asses of that active master samurai being Sen, Sanada, and Hanzo. They even took away Muneakira’s ability to hold a sword and possibly the powers of the general; at least until the ‘real’ Jubei shows up. Muneakira tells the girls that right now, they’re not a match for them for the time being.

By the end of the episode Musashi returns (even after we just saw her mop the floor with the samurai girls along with her friends in tow) after Sen points out that she didn’t pay for her meal earlier; which is why she came back. The current Jubei does a food chant about the maid café; to which Musashi joins in the fun, and thus ends the episode.

Yep, it appears things are going to get a little weird this time around; but that doesn’t mean that there won’t be any less action, comedy, harem, or a big bad to face at the end of the season. There’s not a lot that we know about the Dark Samurai, but as the series goes on we’ll find out more. That’ll do it for this episode review, but there’s more awesome content coming your way real soon! 😉

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