Anime REvisited: Panty & Stocking With Garterbelt Season One Episode Two!

What’s good anime fam? We’re back with another review from our Anime REvisited pick; Panty & Stocking with Garterbelt! Like we said before, this show ain’t for kids. So without further ado, let’s get into it!

Panty and Stocking; the Anarchy Sisters!

In episode 2 Gartetbelt gives the girls another ghost mission, and hopes that they don’t screw it up like last time. They’re introduced to the principal of Daten City High School, who tells them that they’re students have gone missing due to some strange reason, and wants Panty and Stocking to investigate. So the angels go to the cross-shaped school to ‘investigate’ as they see the 90’s stereotypical cliques (jocks, nerds, cheerleaders, outcasts, etc.) at the school. Suddenly they see what looks to be a human covered in bees as Panty pops em’ off the human’s body, who is later revealed to be a Carrot Top-looking dude with a huge Ghostbuster’s complex named Brief – named after a pair of nut-compressing draws. Basically it’s safe to assume he’s gonna play the comedic relief role down the line.

Later on the girls meet the head cheerleader of the school named Barbie (yeah, the toy from the 90’s) who is pretty much the H.B.I.C. (google it to see what it means). Panty and Stocking pretty much get in her way and destroy her reputation by being the new ish’ of the school; from gym class to chemistry, nothing was safe. That night Brief tells the angels his friends went mission which lead them to figure out where the ghost of the school was on the football field, and outta nowhere comes Barbie, as she reveals herself to be the queen bee ghost of the school. Terrible bee puns aside (thanks to Panty) the angels dish out their own brand of ‘put up, or STFU’ as they take down Barbie. The church bell rings as Panty and Stocking collect their heaven coins as Brief goes frantic in saying that the coolest fight he’s ever seen. Before the first half of the episode ends, Panty gets her freak on with the whole football team – yes, we’re serious! (While Brief and the rest of the geeks watch.)

The second half of the episode goes through the life of Panty and Stocking being celebs in a Beverly Hills/Hollywood area of Daten City. Thanks to Panty’s screw up, she and Stocking have to clear their names by destroying all the copies of a sex tape that Panty made (unknowingly, but knowing her that argument leaves a lot to be desired). Eventually they succeed in their mission, and as they make their huge announcement to the masses, Panty tells the crowd that she deleted all of Stocking’s scenes in their movie; prompting the gothic angel to upload revenge porn on YouTube (though they changed it to YouTobe so they won’t get sued). Brief sees it while inside his room and grabs a box of tissues, and thus ends this episode.

I know I kinda cheated and watched this series a hundred times before since the dub came out back in 2012 (with the actual coming out in 2010), but I never really sat down and analyzed the series episode by episode. I was just in it for the fact that the animation style reminded me of the Powerpuff Girls mixed with the satire found in Family Guy, South Park, and (maybe) Rick and Morty. Speaking of which I wonder what the show will be like now that we’re in the era of Rick and Morty, TikTok, as well as memes? It’s been ten years since the show came out, so I wonder how Gainax and Studio Trigger are going to incorporate the elements that made the show so good in this current pop-culture climate. Could it make the second season funnier (if we get one)? Who knows!

Anyway, that wraps up another anime review from Anime REvisited. Until next post, stay healthy, and stay safe! 🙂

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