Anime REvisited: Panty & Stocking With Garterbelt Season One Episode Three!

Hey guys! We’re back with another episodic review from our Anime REvisited pick; Panty & Stocking with Garterbelt. When I first heard about the series, it was at an anime convention back in Baltimore that you may know as Otakon – in 2012 when it was still in Baltimore. Right away as soon as I heard the title, my first initial thought was ‘there are only two women I know, who are probably going to be in this series’. Boy was I right. Jamie Marchi and Monica Rial killed it! Shout out to the baddest VA duo in the business!

The fallen b**** angels are here!

We all have siblings and nine times outta ten; we have moments where we fight. My brother and I are the same way, and in this episode we see it first hand with the Anarchy sisters. Stocking gets pissed off because she can’t find her special pudding; which she states has a 500 year waiting list. (Hold up, just how old are these girls anyway?!) Panty lies and says she hasn’t seen it, to which Stocking doesn’t believe her, and discovers that her sister ate it even though she hates sweets. An argument ensues about touch one’s property without asking, before Garterbelt and Brief walk in. Garter tells the girls there another ghost afoot, but Panty and Stocking tell him that they’re not going anywhere. The two argue again as Stocking takes off to go handle the situation herself.

Things seem to go well (sort of), until Stocking came face to face with the ghost herself; a Little Red Riding Hood-type ghost who’s associated with the Big Bad Wolf. Nursery rhymes aside the gothic angel found herself trapped via the ‘rope’ that the ghost duo used to tie her up with – which actually turned her on. (I knew there was a freak in there somewhere.) Before things got any kinkier or deadlier (depending how you look at it) Panty swoops in to give the ghost duo a piece of her blue steel; with Brief in tow.

Throughout the whole fight Panty and Stocking continued to bicker with each other, and even swung on each other in the process; thus causing them to get smacked around by the ghost duo before getting defeated by them. This didn’t fly with them; as the ghost duo awoken their ‘Berserk Bitch’ mode, causing Panty and Stocking to wail so hard on them before they blew up. Afterwards the girls made up with Panty getting Stocking the pudding she wanted, even though it was the “Hot” kind. As for Brief and Garterbelt…you’ll have to watch to find out.

The second half of this episode deals with something men have that women don’t. I will not be going into detail on the subject matter; you will have to watch for yourself. Let’s just say you were conceived through a process that we as humans are all too familiar with, and the ‘stuff’ needed to make it happen. If you still don’t know, ask your parents – cuz’ how do you think you got here?

That’ll do it for this post, so as always continue to stay safe in this rather difficult time, and continue to love one another! 🙂

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