Status Update: 1000+ Views In Two Consecutive Months!!

Between April and May we’ve noticed a trend; that our monthly views and visitors on our blog has spiked consistently on a week-to-week basis. To this we say; we can’t thank you guys enough for all of the love and support that you’ve been giving us during these crazy times we’re living in. We’ve already crossed the 25000 viewer threshold back near the end of April, and we’ve also noticed that one of our posts that we published back in 2017 is gaining a lot of fire – in a good way! Again, from the bottom of our hearts we can’t thank you guys enough for making D&A Anime Blog what it is today, and we will continue to bring you awesome content, anime/manga reviews, and a whole lot of other fun things that we have planned for the future! 🙂

D&A Anime Blog 2020 New Logo (Trans)
Thank You Guys For Making Our Blog Awesome!!!