A Founder’s Thought’s With D.J. Lewis! (05/04/20)

Hey guys n’ gals, may the fourth be with you! Everyday that I find myself constantly distracting myself with ‘internet-tainment’ to keep me sane, is another small victory in my book. For may of us it feels like our quality of life is a bit…well, if there was a word for it, I’d say it in this post. With more cases of COVID coming in day-by-day; as well as the threat of a new and dangerous member of the wasp family, the Murder Hornet, making its U.S. appearance at the worst possible time, it feels like 2020 just told us to go @#$% ourselves. With Summer knocking on the door, the need to be outside without a mask is going to be higher than ever. Doctors and nurses all around the U.S. and the world save a lot of lives and been through pandemics in years past, but I bet they never had to deal with anything of this magnitude before.

All my life I’ve never heard of a virus shutting down the entire world before – let alone an entire country. Some say this was our divine punishment for all of the times we’ve taken mother Earth for granted, and other’s just want to point the finger. Yeah, having 80% of your social life stripped from you sucks indeed, but in the midst of it all, this situation gave me the chance to take a look at some aspects of my life. I guess you can say the coronavirus put the world on hiatus because we all need to reevaluate our priorities. I can’t speak for everyone, but instead of whining and complaining like some states I know (Florida, Atlanta, Huntington Beach), try making someone else’s life in quarantine a little better. Our world is being tested, but if I know my anime fans, my introverts, and my home-dwellers, we know how to make the best out of the worst situation!

Yeah, most of the idiots outside without masks are going to revolt and do what they want; which is terrible. (Sorry, but you can’t fix stupid, ask the president.) Just know that just because you wear your mask and follow social distancing rules, doesn’t make you weak or even feel like your rights are violated. It means that you’re a considerate person who cares more about the lives of others, their grandparents, and members of their family with health challenges instead of trying to figure out where the next party is, or even if you can get your nails done. Seriously, don’t even talk to me or spit in my direction if you care more about yourself than somebody else during this time!

Okay, I feel a little better. Just had to vent a little bit because of all the ‘dumb-assery’ I’ve been seeing all over social media and the news. Hopefully you guys are staying safe, and staying health. Until next post! 🙂