Anime REvisited: Panty and Stocking With Garterbelt Season One Episode Four!

Welcome back guys! It’s time for another round of Anime REvisited featuring our title pick; Panty & Stocking with Garterbelt. Three 2-part episodes in, and already this show has one of the craziest, WTF-filled moments I’ve ever witnessed in an anime title – although another show called Shimoneta might come pretty close (and possibly might be worse than this).

Panty and Stocking at it again!

Episode 4 brings us to a moment where we all want to try and slim down in order to get ready for swimsuit season. In the case of Daten City, the first half of this episode revolves around Stocking and her love for sweets. There’s one problem however; normally due to the fact that she’s immortal (because she’s an angel) she doesn’t suffer the same human things like sickness, diseases, or obesity, but in this case the sweets that she eats from a new bakery called Angel House causes her to gain weight. So like the rest of us she goes overkill with the workout routines and a Rocky montage or two, however even that didn’t help. Pretty soon Stocking grows to the size of (in Panty’s words) trashy-talk show fat, as Garterbelt makes an announcement that another ghost has arrived. With that Panty and her King Kong-sized sister make their way to a factory where a large bakery ghost was hiding.

After an exchange of hilarious obscenities Panty put an end to the ghost’s afterlife, and snatched four heaven coins in the process. Afterwards Stocking was finally back to her fine gothic self; eating all of the sweets she loves and adores. The second half of the episode takes place during a lingerie run; where guys and girls strip down to their underwear and run a 5k race for the hell of it! Panty and Stocking join the party, but their fun was interrupted by the arrival of another ghost who looks like a knockoff Reverse Flash. Panty and Stocking try and defeat the ghost like they would any other, but due to their sheer laziness (on Panty’s part) their weapons weren’t properly prepped and were completely useless against the speedster ghost. After eating their namesake the ghost dashes off after Brief who looks to be the only one in the race, as the angels aggressively tail him.

Brief does become of use to the angels as Panty snags his undies off himself, and transforms them into an impressive shot gun; meaning that the effectiveness of the briefs that Panty chooses varies depending on the owner’s love maker – and Brief’s was a sight to behold! Panty finally ends the ghost’s afterlife via gunshot to the head, as she collects two heaven coins before hitting Brief with two more shots that bounced off his head causing him to pass out. With everyone naked except Garterbelt, he makes a speech about loving your own skin or something to that effect while Panty and Stocking ditch him and head back home. (Of course Garter gets arrested afterwards for causing a nudical ruckus.)

Horrible diets and birthday suits are the name of the game for this episode, and thus will conclude our review. Until next post continue to stay safe out there during this unconventional Memorial Day.