Anime REvisited: Dagashi Kashi Season One Episode Five Review!

Hey guys! We’re back with another fun-filled review of Dagashi-Kashi from our Anime REvisited segment and pick of the month. This time we’re reviewing the fifth episode of the first season, as we close in on the half-way point of the first installment of the series. So what are Coconuts and the gang up to now? We’ll tell you in this review!

Hotaru in all of her candy-lovin’ glory!

So for all of you guys who love vlogging, you might get a kick out of this episode. So in the first 45 second of the episode Yo and Hotaru make it look like there’s a drug deal going on between them, when we all know that it’s about another dagashi of the day. Thanks to Coconuts, that dagashi is none other than bottle ramen; a crispy wafer snack where the inside is filled with yummy powder – not the other kind you’re thinking of. Later on that same evening Yo is in his room making overnight snack videos on his blog, but his vlogging skills could use some serious work. The topic was about baby star ramen; as the crispy edges of ramen were packaged and given out to the employers during their shift, while the rest ended up being top ramen – kinda like the stuff we enjoy today.

Skipping ahead Hotaru finds herself back at the shop with Coconuts and To, as the three of them end up in another one of Hotaru’s crazy challenges. They proceed to do the yatta-men challenge where if you’re lucky, you’ll win a cash voucher that you get to cash in for more dagashi (and not money…unfortunately). Coco and To win at the challenge, but Hotaru ends up going through numerous packs of yatta-men and wins nothing; as she goes through a sad spell of not winning anything in life from any competition. Talk about being down in the dumps…

Lastly they have a final challenge where all three of them eat a piece of grape dagashi candy, but one of them is the really sour one. You can probably already guess who got the sour piece based on who issued the challenge. Hotaru said that if she lost, she would do anything the winner desires – anything! If anime has taught me anything, these high-stakes bets never, ever, EVER work in the favor of the challenger; especially if you’re the main character! Needless to say, Hotaru lost again, and left the shop without a trace; not even acknowledging the fact that she didn’t hold up her end of the deal with Coconuts and To. Sooo, that’s pretty much the episode in a nutshell.

For this episode and like the last few episodes, we learn tidbits about various dagashi and their origin story in Japan. Of course just like the last few episodes (other than the small moments of comic-relief), I didn’t expect too much coming out from them. Our next review will be on the sixth episode of the series, as we near the half-way mark of season one. Until next post guys n’ gals, stay safe during this pandemic, and stay nerdy! 😉