D&A Anime Blog: 15K Views and the Otaku Outlook Banner/Avatar Reveal!!

Man, can you believe it?! There are only four months in 2018 left and before you know it, we’ll all be looking at New Year’s Eve right in the eyes. Since January of 2016 we’ve gotten the chance to meet so many awesome people who love anime/manga as much as we do, and as the years go by, we plan on doing new things and introducing new features in order to help us reach more fans out in the world. One feature in particular is thanks to a poll on Twitter that helped us decide on a name for our new subreddit page. For this filler post we’re proud to announce the reveal of our Otaku Outlook subreddit avatar, and banner!!

D&A Otaku Outlook (Subreddit Header)D&A Otaku Outlook (Subreddit Avatar)

Otaku Outlook is an upcoming subreddit page created and powered by us at D&A Anime Blog. It’s an entire reddit page dedicated to the otaku subculture; such as news and events that are happening all around the anime community. If things go well with our new feature, then it will become our official newsletter title for the blog. We’ll keep you updated on the official release of our newest reddit page in the coming weeks.

We’re also happy to announce that we’ve crossed the 15,000 view threshold for overall views on the blog! We never could’ve achieved this without the love and support from for our fans both near and afar. If you happen to live in or near the DMV area (DC, Maryland, Virginia) you can come see us live and in person at Anime USA 2018 October 19-21 at the Marriott in Wardman Park! Until next post my friends, stay gold! 😉

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