Anime REvisited: Dagashi Kashi Season One Episode Eleven Review!

Alright! We’ve returned once again with another episode post from our Anime REvisited pick for the month; Dagashi Kashi! Overall, this series is interesting to say the least; as it has its moments of ups and downs in terms of comedy, romance, and slice-of-life. So without further ado, let’s kick off the eleventh episode review.

What will happen in the end?

Not much really happens in this episode except Hotaru trying to show Coconuts that his father is actually a pretty genuine guy. Sure, he doesn’t see him as the type of person to take seriously at times, but deep down Coconuts thinks that Yo is pretty swell when it comes to customer service. During this time while watching his father in action alongside Saya and Hotaru, Kokonotsu is wondering if he should run his father’s shop, so that Yo will get the chance to work with Hotaru and her family. Though he’s still passionate about creating his manga, throughout the episodes leading up to this point Kokonotsu wonders if he should continue his father’s legacy, or walk his own path.

While waiting for the train at the station Hotaru and Coco have their moment to talk, and in spite of the obvious trolling innuendos from Hotaru (which were a little bit hilarious), she understood that Coconuts may not exactly share the same vision that she has form him – that his dad sees for his future. I guess you could say that no matter what path Coconuts chooses, he’ll always have a genuine love for dagashi. I’m guessing in the next and final episode of this first season, we’ll see what Coco’s next move will be…

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