Anime REvisited: Dagashi Kashi Season One Episode 7 & 8 Review!

Welcome back! So here we go again with another anime review post from our month-long segment, Anime REvisited, with our pick Dagashi Kashi. This time we’re doing a double-header with episodes 7 and 8, so let’s get right into it!

Everybody’s here! What are they up to?

Usually when it comes to slice-of-life romantic comedy anime, there’s always a beach episode or a festival episode. Since we’ve already been there and done that with the beach, let’s jump into the festival episode. Coconuts and the rest of the gang are at the Summer Festival looking around at the various vendors and main attractions. (Of course since Yo and Coco work at the candy shop they’re vendors as well, so they have their own booth.) This episode does tap into yet another moment in Kokonotsu’s and Saya’s childhood; as Coconuts tries to win a goldfish for Saya – like he’s done so in the past. Sadly out of pity, the goldfish game owner ends up giving Coconuts a goldfish for trying so hard to win the game, which he then gives to Saya as a gift.

With this being a festival episode, there wasn’t a whole lot going on that I can talk about. Hotaru wasn’t much of a factor in this episode, as this was about another memory in Kokonotsu and Saya’s relationship. At least this episode did explain how she got the goldfish from the very first episode of the series, so now I know. Finally, To learned how to make Mojayaki for the first time, and was making it like a pro!

That’s it for episode seven’s review, now onto number eight!

So the eighth one brings Coconuts and the gang (except Yo, because he comes in later but only for a minute) together at the shop during a typhoon, and To is telling the others some scary stories from the Scary Story Gum that Coconuts and Yo sell in the shop. Anime girls ( or guys) freaking out about ghosts is one of the funniest things I’ve ever had the pleasure of seeing; so at Saya’s expense, we get to see her freaking out about the various scary stories ever told through the packaging of the gum.

Scary stories aside things go pretty much back to normal as To tells Coconuts that Kendoyama is a popular toy that’s coming back in Japan, of course Coco also tells him that they haven’t been able to sell any of the ones they currently have. So what does To do? He spends his cash and buys them to prove a point; of course that point ends up with his sister killing it at the sport, and him with a broken thumb. By the end of the episode Coco and To talk about getting popular with the ladies through the use of fortune-telling chocolate, and the fact that they want to see panties before the episode ends.

In comes Hotaru as she was looking for Coconuts and finds him with To by the beach. After telling her that he’ll be back, she tells him that she’ll be waiting by the shop as usual; leaving a chance for Coconuts and To, to get a snapshot of Hotaru’s panties. It wasn’t much but mission accomplished – in their minds at least.

That will do it for this review’s double-header post. Four more to go until we see what Coconuts will do! Stay safe guys!