Anime REvisited: Dagashi Kashi Season One Episode 9 & 10 Review!

Hey! We’re back with another dual episode review from our Anime REvisited pick; Dagashi Kashi! I gotta say; this anime title has had some funny, weird, and okay moments between the members of the cast, and from what I saw in the ninth episode, it’s about to get weirder than usual (thanks to Hotaru)!

Will Hotaru convince Coconuts to run his father’s shop?

The ninth episode kicks off with Saya inside the candy store waiting for Coconuts to show up. The sound of the door was heard as she jumped up to greet him, but instead it was Hotaru (go figure) with a sore on the left side of her face. Saya tells her that what she has is a mouth ulcer – probably from all of the dagashi she’s been eating. This leads to yet another spell about the dagashi known as wata-pachi; a type of sweet candy with sour candy chips on the inside similar to pop-rocks. Yeah, things did get weird, but it only got worse (at least in Saya’s case). Hotaru then talks about a dagashi called Choco-droppings, where the design was of an animal with different kinds of choco-flavored candy inside. Guess where the candy comes out from…we’ll wait…

(Told ya this was gonna get weird! XP)

I’m not gonna go too much into detail of what happens afterwards because it’s better if you watch it than having me tell you, but later on Coconuts does come back and finds Hotaru with a bowl of rice. She then states that she’s from Osaka, Japan and that she’s speaks with a Kansai accent (which is later discovered that she doesn’t). Then she out of nowhere asks Coconuts how he feels about boobs.

Now to any fanboys out there, this is the moment we’ve ALL been waiting for! With Coconuts his answer could either make or break his sort-of-kind-of friendship with Hotaru, so he plays it cool, and says that boys who talk about them are pervs. This causes Hotaru to walk out in disgust, but it’s then proven to be a ploy to get Coconuts to try boob ice cream. No, I’m not making this up, it’s actually ice cream inside a rubbery edible thing in the shape of a boob – and you suck it to get the ice cream out. Ok…I’m done, so let’s move on to episode 10.

Remember that ulcer Hotaru had? Well in the very next episode it grew to the size of a baseball. Earlier she was running through the night until she met To, who was out getting a late-night snack. He asked why she was out late after greeting her, but her reply was that she was brought to him by some unknown reason; which in turn had to do with her ulcer, and her wanting to try a new flavor of baby-star ramen that was coming out.

Saya and Coconuts eventually head to Hotaru’s house; which looked like a mansion compared to the shop, as the two entered inside to see what was wrong with Hotaru. (Although they discovered it had to do with her baseball-sized ulcer, and the fact that To told her to lay off dagashi for a bit until it heals – which is like telling a hardcore otaku not to watch anime!)

Overall both episodes do indeed turn up the weird factor (all thanks to Hotaru), while at the same time giving us brief moments of comedy. With this review being a dual episode post, there are only two more remaining until my final verdict on this show is made. That will do it for now, so until our next post, continue to stay safe and do not go outside unless you have to – essentially! 🙂