Error 404: Writer’s Block Strikes Again!

Ugh! We never thought we’d have to go down this road again, but if you’re a blogger like ourselves then we’re pretty sure you’ve went through it as well. It’s always awesome when you have a lot to post about, but every now and then your brain gets that ‘Error 404’ message just after you’ve posted something good. However this post is not a total loss; as we’ve got a small announcement for you guys regarding our linked posts, and what we’ll be doing next! On our Facebook and Twitter pages we made an announcement that from Wednesday to Next Monday, that we’ll be doing some blog maintenance and working on special projects throughout the Fall, so there wouldn’t be any blog posts coming from us after Wednesday. Well, we’ve decided to change that; our posting schedule will remain the same, however the timing of our filler posts may be slightly delayed. With that being said, we thank you guys from the bottom of our hearts for all of the love and support that you’ve given us, and we hope that you guys will continue to be a part of us – as we are with you! 🙂

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