D&A Anime Blog: Social Media Shout-Outs and A New Page, Coming Soon!

So it’s about to be the middle of July in a couple of days, which means there’s less than seven weeks of Summer left. If you happen to be a parent to a teenage otaku, then you already know that the ‘Back-to-School’ itch is rapidly approaching – if it hasn’t already started now! But let’s move on from that and turn our eyes on something awesome; you!

Throughout the week we’ve been receiving so much love and support for what we do on the blog; as well as for you guys and gals, that we’ve decided to give out some well-deserved shout-outs. If we’ve missed anybody in this list, let us know in the comment section below.

Here’s out shout-outs via Twitter:

  • @tokimandee
  • @Javier_Hardeman
  • @FUNimation
  • @Rialisms
  • @blumspew
  • @progrockboy
  • @escope_khan
  • @Neo_Stawberry_
  • @VividVision22
  • @MC_Hatt
  • @joyfulgirlsarah
  • @zach_sally
  • @BubbelKaze
  • @KagaKusanagi
  • @vensdale_zep
  • @ZiggyOtaku
  • @WomenCosplay
  • @AnimeEyedGirl
  • @CharlesWMartin3
  • @DontzSenpai
  • @AmeHakubi
  • @kaori_miazono
  • @TheBlackMist97
  • @Otakuman5000
  • @sweetestsonic
  • @naantaabuu
  • @otakustrength
  • @tuttianime
  • @100wordanime
  • @bowling4aday
  • @RonToye
  • @DemonKingHiei
  • @JeikuReview
  • @sharkiekitty
  • @GundamBakugo9
  • @JMichaelTatum
  • @hanix987
  • @animerocks91
  • @MangaBigBang

If we missed anyone on this list of awesome fans, let us know in the comment section so you can get your D&A shout-out too! Also on our list of special announcements, we’ll be introducing a new page dedicated to professional cosplayers all across North America and in other countries as well. We’ll keep you posted via Twitter and Facebook on when the page will be up. Anyway that will do it for this special shout-out filler post, check back tomorrow for some more fun and more action on D&A Anime Blog!

Stay cool, my friends! 🙂