Filler Post: 7 Things You Didn’t Know About The Legendary Super Saiyan; Broly!

Some time ago we did a post about the ten things that you didn’t know about DBZ’s Vegeta. If you haven’t already heard the news, the name of the new Dragon Ball Super movie is entitled Dragon Ball Super: Broly! To celebrate the new dub and sub release of this awesome movie (coming January 2019), we’ve got seven things about this guy that you probably may not know – or even be aware of. If you are, that’s okay! 🙂


Number 7: His Power Is More Of a Curse than a Blessing!

Many saiyans would kill (hypothetically speaking) to have the kind of power the Legendary Super Saiyan (LSS) has, but the fact of the matter is; it’s more of a burden that whomever possesses it, has it for the rest of their life. In the Dragon Ball world Ki is an essential part of the entire series, and just about everyone in the series possesses it – except the Androids and some humans. In Broly’s case as the LSS, his Ki is more of a power source than a ‘battery’, so he has to constantly expel it or otherwise his own body won’t be able to contain it. So be careful what you ‘wish’ for…

Number 6: The Day He Was Born, Was the Day Planet Vegeta ‘Died’!

Broly’s birth is rather significant in the Dragon Ball Universe, because the day he was born, was the very same day the evil tyrant we ALL KNOW as Frieza, sent Planet Vegeta to its doom! Goku and Vegeta’s fathers were both killed in the mist of the destruction, nevertheless Broly’s birthday symbolizes the day all but a handful of saiyans and Planet Vegeta, fell to Frieza and his power.

Number 5: Broly Had Serious Rage Issues as a Teen!

Talk about mood swings! Many of us have them when we reach our teen years as we make the transition from boys to men, or girls to women. As for Broly, his fits of rage and mood swings started at a rather young age; and only got worse after he knocked his own father’s eye out of its socket (which is why he has only one eye in the movie). This was also the moment that lead his father to create a device to control Broly’s rage.

Number 4: Did We Mention He HATES Goku…A Lot?

Many of us know this from the movie, but Goku was a rather fussy child when he was born. We know how much a crying baby can get on someone’s nerves, but when you add Goku’s relentless wining with Broly’s traumatic childhood, that added fuel to the fire of his already deteriorating mental state. As the movie progressed Broly’s mental illness got to the point where he blamed everything on Goku; his childhood trauma, his fits of rage, everything! May be in a different time in a different universe, these two saiyans could’ve been friends.

Number 3: He’s One Of The Most Popular/Feared Villains in DB History!

From games to fan art there isn’t a single place in Dragon Ball history where Broly’s name won’t be seen, or heard. He’s the only villain to have three movies about him (four if you count the upcoming one), and in the latest DBS he has a female counterpart inspired by him named Kale. If you were to head to Youtube right now, you’ll find hundreds of videos about the Legendary Super Saiyan.

Number 2: Broly Has Enough Power to Destroy Galaxies!

That’s scary and unreal, even by Dragon Ball standards! Broly is indeed the only villain who can wipe out galaxies with little to no effort, and that says a lot about his character and how much of a threat he poses to anyone, and anything that stands in his way!

Number 1: He Could’ve Been a Z Fighter Had It Not Been For His Father!

Broly could’ve been a great warrior (and perhaps a member of the Z Fighters) had it not been for the ill-conceived actions of his father, Paragus. He never instilled any type of civility or maturity within the LSS, and unfortunately for us…we’ll never truly know.

That will do it for this filler post for tonight, but as always, there’s more to come later on this week! Be sure to check out the new dub trailer for the new Broly movie coming next year in January – we sure will! 😉

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