D&A Anime Blog: D&A Subreddit Page Announcement!

Hey guys n’ gals, we’re proud to announce that we’re back up and running after our site was temporarily down due to technical difficulties. Now that our moment of terror is over, it’s time to bring you some awesome news from the D&A front! Starting November 9, 2018 we’ll be introducing our brand new subreddit page known as 7th Place; where we’ll be doing our ‘Top 7’ topics/posts that range from anime, to otaku life in general. For the reminder of 2018 we’ll be expanding our online presence so that we can continue to grow as more than just an anime blog. Although our YouTube presence has been lacking as of late, there are more anime convention highlight videos on the horizon! There will be a sneak peek preview of one of our ‘7th Place’ posts coming later this week, in the meantime continue to spread the word about us, and keep a lookout on some more updates as well as filler posts from us! 🙂

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