D&A Anime Blog: Thoughts, Recaps, and April Conventions!

Old Man Winter was pretty stubborn to leave after the first couple of days of Spring, but now that he’s officially gone, it’s time for the warm up to begin! So if you haven’t already heard the news, we’re working on a couple of new videos for our YouTube page that highlight some clips and moments from our 2017 anime conventions, that didn’t make it into the final cut of those videos – kinda like a lost footage reel. We’ll make sure to keep you posted on when the videos go up on our page before April.

Also taking place during that month is D&A Founder, Donte’ Lewis’ one week hiatus from any filler posts or updates from the blog April 9-15, however our social media pages will still be open through the blog’s secondary founder; A. Goldman. Lately we’ve been thinking of some ways that we can expand our current platform for our fans. Some of them have suggested that we start an Instagram page, but not to worry, we’ll have that up in April. Some have suggested that we should start a Twitch channel, now if we did that we would probably put our future podcast series up there. (The N.G.O. Fancast or Nerd-Geek-Otaku Fancast where the fans themselves are the guests, name pending.)

We’re planning on going to Cecil Con as well as Universal FanCon in April. If you’re in the area and wanna see us live and in the flesh, come on out to those cons! 🙂

As a fan-centered anime blog, we love to hear feedback on how we’re doing and what we can improve on, in order to strive to our goal of being one of the best two-man operated blogs in existence. If you have any tips or suggestions on what type of content (post-wise) you would like to see, send it to us through our Contact Us page! Our ultimate goal for this blog is to one day have our own anime convention entitled Anime Escape; as it will be a 3-day hotel-based, tropical-themed anime convention. It will have Q&A panels, cosplay, anime/manga vendors, video games, late night dance parties, and a whole lot more! One day we’ll make this dream a reality, but we need your help to do it!

That’s all for now! There’s more to come next week! 🙂


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