Filler Post: 10 Zones That Gave 90’s Sonic Fans Nostalgic Feels!

Have you ever heard of the old saying, ‘Everything old, becomes new again’? Well that statement depends on a number of things – like TV shows, movies, and video games. Right now we’re in a season where the Hollywood gods want to reboot some cult classics from the 80’s and 90’s. Depending on who is running the operation, a reboot could either bring out the nostalgia that many of us felt back in the day, or it could scar us to the point where we trash the living #@!% out of it on social media.

Reboots must be handled with care, because the movies, games, and shows that we used to watch back in the day, may one day be passed down to future generations, IF we protect their legacy! Sonic Mania is a prime example of a true reboot, and along with this filler post is ten zones that continue to give 90’s fans (like ourselves) utter nostalgia.


Zone 1: Green Hill Zone

A cult classic to any 90’s gamer who remembers by this game (Sonic 1) for their 16-bit Sega Genesis. From 360 degree loops to dodging spike traps this zone is jam packed with everything you remember from this zone, and a few new things you didn’t. Green Hill Zone is to Sonic, as World 1-1 is to his red-capped rival.


Zone 2: Flying Battery Zone

The second zone on the Sonic & Knuckles Lock-On cartridge! Does anyone remember when Knuckles went through this zone, and at the end of the second act he fought against Dr. Eggman, and not the Egg Robo that threw that bomb at him? Nostalgic!


Zone 3: Chemical Plant Zone

A fan-favorite zone from Sonic 2! You can imagine how much trouble some of us may have had going through this zone (for the first time), when Sonic and Tails got stuck in that pink watery stuff called ‘mega mack’, or something like that. Make sure you grab air bubbles if you find yourself in that stuff yet again, otherwise you’ll be doomed to hear the all-too-familiar “Countdown to Death” song.


Zone 4: Hydrocity Zone

The infamous water zone from Sonic 3 and Sonic 3 & Knuckles! We’re probably guessing that most of you probably lost it when it was confirmed that this zone was going to be in the new Sonic Mania game. Again, we’re just guessing. There’s some new pathways throughout this zone, so think of it as an awesome remixed reboot on a fan-fave classic!


Zone 5: Ice Cap Zone

Even though this zone didn’t make the cut in the final cut of the game, it still holds a special place in our hearts – mainly because of the history of the soundtrack. Although Sonic went through some ‘Hard Times’, it’s nice to know that the blue blur is getting a second chance!


Zone 6: Lava Reef Zone

Another classic from Sonic & Knuckles that took its players deep into the volcano, where the Death Egg had crashed after the events of Sonic 3. The zone itself will have everything you remember about it from the original, but with a bit of a remixed twist. The nostalgia from this zone will flow quicker that its lava, we guarantee it! 😉


Zone 7: Oil Ocean Zone

Oh yeah, we all remember this difficult zone from Sonic 2. I wish we could say that this zone is a tad easier now in the Mania remix, but 9 times outta 10, it’s probably not. Do your best to get through this zone without dying, and try not to remember too much how hard it was to get through this zone when you first encountered it.


Zone 8: Mushroom Hill Zone

Huh, this zone didn’t make it into the final cut either? Well we’re not mad, but many of us remember this classic level from Sonic & Knuckles that (still to this day) has many of us wrapped up in its nostalgic feels. We’re not sure if this zone has been created as a DLC for the upcoming Sonic Mania Plus, but it would make a cool addition along with some other goodies.


Zone 9: Stardust Speedway Zone

The past and the present incarnations of this zone are back with both some old routes, as well as some new gimmicks! They rebooted this zone so good that they even brought back the original soundtrack from the Japanese version of Sonic CD. (Which is a remix of the English version of the past soundtrack of this zone.) Can anyone get through Act 2 in under 90 seconds? You’ll get a cookie if you do! 😉


Zone 10: Death Egg Zone

The final zone of Sonic & Knuckles and Sonic 3 & Knuckles that was only playable as Sonic. Can you imagine this zone coming in right after the Titanic Monarch Zone as a throwback finale to the Sonic Mania game? Honestly, the difficulty level of this zone was not as hazardous as we thought it was going to be when we made it here for the first time. Nevertheless having this as a DLC would be a cool idea…just putting it out there.

That will do it for this filler post as well as our Top 10 Zones that gave us 90’s Sonic kids some serious nostalgic feels when playing Mania. As always we thank you for the 100+ followers for our blog as well as all the love and support from our fans! There’s more to come on the next filler post from D&A Anime Blog! It’s a part of you! 🙂

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