D&A Spring Break Patreon Announcement!!

So it begins! For some of us Spring Break was last week depending on what college, university, or state you live in (but not always). For the rest of us tomorrow marks Day One of this beach-filled, college-student-crowded, alcohol-chugging seven day party that can only be described to many as the best week of your life. (If you’re a college student.)

But enough about that, let’s get to the real reason why we’re writing this post. A few days ago we made a teaser logo about a future anime convention that we’re working towards making a reality one day. Also along those lines we’ve been thinking about what to do with our Patreon page. After those thoughts it has come to our decision…that we will NOT delete our page, but instead change its overall objective into something that will benefit our fans, voice actors, cosplayers, and the anime community as a whole. We have decided to revamp our page into a future project called the Anime Escape Project, that will consist of three major phases…

Anime Escape (Teaser Logo)

Phase One: Raise Startup (Seed) Money for the Con Budget!

If there’s one thing anime conventions taught us in the ten years we’ve been going to them, its the fact that each an every one of them has a convention budget. Major cons (like SDCC, NYCC, Otakon, and Anime Expo) have a major budget, and minor cons (mostly hotel-based ones and mid-sized ones) have a small or mid-sized budget. There are a lot of things we want to do and have at our own future anime convention; such as video games, tabletop, the whole nine yards, however we first need to raise some seed money before moving onto the next phase.

Phase Two: Cross The “Red Tape”!

Every con is a 501(c)(3) organization; they have their own convention staff, sponsors, trademarks, location, event dates, and every piece of legality they need to succeed. This won’t be an easy task nor will it be a short-term process, but it will be necessary for us to acquire the tools we need in order to handle the ‘Red Tape’ that we’ll have to cross.

Phase Three: Heavy Promotion, Booking and Advertisement!

“You gotta spend money to make money!” is an old saying that many of us hear in the business world. (And they’re right!) For the second phase money will have to be spent before moving onto this phase, and the same can be said for promoting and advertising our convention as well. Not only that be we also have to contact booking agencies and book the voice actors, professional cosplayers and the like. Although our social media presence hasn’t fully reached maturity yet, we’re potentially in a great spot to continue to improve our relationship with our fans, booking agencies, and voice actors.

Between now and the second week of April we’ll be working on revamping our page as well as keep you up-to-date on everything else. We want to make this awesome thing happen, but we can’t do it without you!

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