D&A Anime Blog: The “D&A Blog Appreciation Awards”!!

So this particular topic has been on our minds for about a good while now, but we never really found a good way to put it into action – until now! Two years ago we never thought our anime blog would reach the levels and heights that it has, and for that we are ever so grateful for the many anime fans and friends we’ve met along the way. However our journey is nowhere near over, nor has our appreciation for our fans and the anime community dimmed in any way. Although we may be limited in content creation, we’re unlimited in fan and blog appreciation! So starting this Summer, we will be introducing the D&A Blog Appreciation Awards!

There are four different categories for our special upcoming awards:

  • D&A’s Creative Blogger Award
  • D&A’s Insightful Post Award
  • D&A’s Timeless Classic Award
  • D&A’s Anime Hunter Award

We’ll have more information about what these awards are all about on the first week of May, plus we’ll even tell you what you have to do to get one; nominate another blog. We want to give everyone a shot at these awards and not try to choose favorites, because we believe that each and every blogger and fan that we’ve come in contact with, has been nothing short of awesome to us! Hopefully our Blog Appreciation Awards will allow us to express our gratitude for all the love and support you’ve shown us over the course of two years! For that we say, Thank You! 🙂