2018 is Coming! So What’s Next for D&A?

Now that we’re halfway through the month of September, we’ve been thinking about what’s on the books for us in 2018. This year has been pretty good to us so far; from our blog page reaching over 10,000+ views to us launching our Patreon page and having the equipment needed to start produce music, it’s been pretty awesome to say the least! We only have one more anime convention left on our 2017 tour, and that one’s happening on one of our founder’s birthday weekend! Donte’ Lewis of D&A Anime Blog (and DJ/Producer, Super Dangantronic) will be celebrating his 28th birthday at Thy Geekdom Con in Claymont, DE. It’s happening November 4-5, 2017 so if you can, come out and party with us!

With the new year about to roll around in less than 120 days we’ve laid out the spots of which cons we’ll be going to in 2018! For the new year we’re bringing some new flair, as we venture out to nine cons in five different states for our D&A 2018 Anime Convention Tour! If you can come out to any of the cons we have listed on the tour, don’t be afraid to take some pictures with us if you see us! (Ladies, we won’t bite…we promise.)

D&A Anime Tour 2018 Banner

We’re also keeping our eyes on our long-term goal of creating/owning our own anime convention entitled Anime Escape! We want this convention to be as fan-centric as some of the hotel-based conventions that we went to on our tour. It’ll have panels, Q&A’s with voice actors, cosplay, anime screenings, late-night dances with Super Dangantronic (along with other DJ’s) behind the turntables, and so much more!

You guys (the fans) have helped us in a mighty way, and we can’t thank you enough for the love and support you’ve given us. We want to continue doing our 100% best in bringing you awesome anime reviews, fan fiction, original tracks to dance/listen to, highlight videos of the cons we went to, and hopefully do some podcasts and have some official D&A merch! Even though we’re a two-man group that can do and offer our fans small things, we’re gonna need a little bit of help for some of the bigger stuff that we wanna do. (*sweat drop*)

If you want better videos, more con appearances and official merch from D&A Anime Blog, donate to our Patreon page at patreon.com/daanimeblog2016! We want to give back to our fans any way we can, as they’ve given us so much love and support for our blog. As always and forever, make D&A a part of you, and we’ll make you a part of us! 🙂

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