Ghost Stories: ADV Film’s Abridged Version of an Anime Series! XP

You wanna know what’s cool about lemons? If you get enough of them and then add water and sugar, you’ve now just made yourself some homemade lemonade! The same can be said about this particular anime time, as for whatever reason (even though 90% of anime fans know what the reason is) the series did not fair well in Japan. So to find a way to break even, the Japanese licensors gave ADV Films ‘free reign’ over the plot of this anime title known simply as Ghost Stories


Originally the story is about a girl named Satsuki Miyanoshita, who moved in with her family in the hometown of her dead mother. She and her brother along with some friends and classmates at her school, stumble upon an abandoned school building directly adjacent to their current one. Bottom line; the school is haunted.

Satsuki’s mother was the one who sealed off the ghosts and demons from inside the school, as well as within her hometown. However due to urbanization of the condemned area, the ghosts have now been allowed to roam free. In order to return them from whence they came Satsuki must use a special book containing instructions on how to exorcise demons and other spirits. Does she manage to do it? You’ll have to stream the series on FunimationNow and Crunchyroll to find out!

The dub is hands-down funny! Although the series was meant to be a horror and supernatural title, it ended up becoming an abridged dark comedy instead. We would tell you what the VA’s did while dubbing this series, but we’re not ones to ruin that surprise.

And on that note, we’ll see you next post! Thanks for reading! 🙂

2 thoughts on “Ghost Stories: ADV Film’s Abridged Version of an Anime Series! XP

  1. Absolutely love the dub for this series! They go places which no one should be allowed to go and we as the audience are awarded for watching this with comedy gold. The best part is seeing young kids making those adult jokes. Thanks for writing about this great series.

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