Filler Post: The Top 10 Types of Girls You’ll See in Anime!

Each and every man (or “kidult”, which is an adult who has an inner child) on this earth has a certain type of girl they have the hots for. The same could be said for us, the otaku generation. Although there may be somebody for everybody, we often wonder what type of girl is right for us? Some of us may want a total hottie who loves PDA, while others may want someone who’s passionate about computers and gaming. Either way, there’s a Hinata for every Naruto, so here’s our top ten types of girls you’ll find in many of your favorite anime titles!

#10: The Free Spirit!

Many of us have seen this type of girl in some of our favorite anime titles. She’s the type that doesn’t let negative vibes from haters or other people who don’t like what she’s about, mess with her head and make her second guess herself. She can also be seen as an adventurer in some aspect, and would always lend a helping hand to those who may need it!

#9: The Childhood Friend!

There are a bunch of titles out there who have this type of girl in them. Normally we would name them all, but that would make this filler post way longer than it normally should be. The childhood friend knows the main male character like she’s his own sister, and gets jealous when he starts talking with other girls. Any anime title that takes place within a school setting is bound to have this type of girl around, so don’t be surprised if you see her in one of your favorite titles.

#8: The Class Rep (aka Student Council President)!

This type of girl can also be found in anime titles with school settings. Much like the head cheerleader of a cheering squad, the Class Rep is the leader of the whole class and has more-than-exceptional skills in various activities; such as sports and math. This type of girl would sit at the head of the class table, and be the one to unify the class as a whole, in order to overcome any adversity that comes their way.


#7: The Shy One!

We all remember Hinata back in the day, so don’t be surprised if you happen to come across this type of girl in one of your titles. What’s so cool about the shy type is that by the end of the series, they’re more open and more confident in themselves. There are some shy types that follow the main male (or female) character around only because they’re trying to build up the confidence to talk to them, which usually happens later on in the series.

#6: The “Notice Me Senpai”!

AVOID AT ALL COSTS!! If you’ve never seen this type of girl in an anime before, then you’re probably watching the wrong show! This kind of girl is hellbent on getting the guy that she has her eyes on, usually the main character or side male character, to notice her in any way possible! (Even as far as getting him to taste her “secret recipe” that got mixed in the dough – Yeah, I said it! XP)


#5: The Warrior!

This is the type of girl we all want on our team; be it in life or in your favorite MMORPG! Warrior girls are the type of girls who will love you, fight for you, encourage you, and help you become a better man (or woman)! Most of them are swordswomen while others have the heart of a warrior, either way, you can’t go wrong with having this type of girl by your side!

#4: The Rebel!

She’s like the free spirit type – only with a colorful amount of language and a loose cannon attitude. The rebel type is the one who plays by her own rules and doesn’t give a damn about what society has to say. Some of them can be a bit cold-hearted while others cause a trail of destruction wherever they go. Just ask the eldest sister of one Stocking Anarchy, she’ll tell you!


#3: The Klutz!

Similar to the shy type, the klutz is the type of girl that always knocks over something or falls in an unconventional way by accident, or because there’s a certain boy she likes. You can usually find these types within a school setting of an anime series, and are mostly used for comic relief (in some titles).

#2: The Fangirl!

Not only can you spot these types of girls in anime, but also during anime conventions! Being an anime fan does have its perks and privileges, so if there’s a title that you’re hardcore about, you’d best believe there’s a group of fangirls who are crazy about it too! Beware however, because some fangirls may possess traits that mimic that of the “Notice Me Senpai” type of girls.

And Finally #1: The Best Girl!

This one we’re leaving entirely up to you! She may be a combination of the first three types we’ve mentioned, or even a little bit of the last nine. No matter how you slice it each and every one of us has a “Best Girl”, as for who that best girl might be, that is entirely up to you!


Honorable Mentions:

#1: The Crazy One! #2: The Gamer! #3: The Spoiled Brat! #4: The Lolita