Sound the Alarm! It’s Time for D&A Friday’s!!

Another hard week has passed and here we are! Back again to give you the anime and manga title goodness that you’ve been waiting all week for. It’s no secret that there’s been a lot going on with the world of anime lately; from AWA (Anime Weekend Atlanta) about to kick off to Crunchyroll’s 2017 Fall lineup (and even the premiere of No Game, No Life Zero), life for anime fans could not be any more sweeter! Now it’s time to do what we do best and give you the what’s what for what we’ve got going on, for our D&A Friday’s segment tonight! 😉


Are you looking for a military title filled with comedy, drama, and social science-fiction? Then you’re gonna want to check this series out known as Sound of the Sky! The story deals with a young girl name Kanata Sorami, as she becomes inspired to join the army after hearing a trumpeter do a rendition of “Amazing Grace”. She gets placed in the 1121st platoon stationed in the town of Seize, where she’s taken in by Lt. Filicia Heideman and Sgt. Rio Kazumiya. Even though they live in a post-apocalyptic world Kanata and the members of her platoon are going to do whatever it takes to prevent another war from breaking out. There’s more to this story than what we’ve just told you, so if you wanna know the rest, then you can stream this title on Crunchyroll and also FunimationNow for the whole story!

With October knocking on the door, it’s high time to bring you guys some anime conventions happening on this month of Halloween. Don’t forget that on the third Monday in October, we’ll be launching D&A’s official music playlist entitled Kontrol Room, with all of the songs produced by Donte’ Lewis (aka Super Dangantronixx)!

As always stick around for more fun and excitement with your two pals from D&A Anime Blog! Remember, make D&A a part of you, and we’ll make you a part of us! 🙂