Miscellany Monday: Master Thieves & Family Heirlooms!

Happy Labor Day anime fans! We know most of you are out enjoying a nice juicy burger or perhaps a hotdog on this unofficial End-of-Summer day, but don’t forget about us on this awesome blog/site we call home. We’ve got some lesser-known anime titles for you that we’re sure you’re gonna love, so grab yourself a hotdog, hamburger, or both and get ready for what we’ve got in store…


If you like a good mystery title that’s got some master thief action in it, then might we suggest checking out Daughter of Twenty Faces! In this series Chizuko Mikamo lives with her aunt and uncle, whom she doesn’t trust, after both of her parents had died. Both caretakers have been trying to slowly poison Chizuko in an effort to take her family heirloom for themselves; the Anastasia Ruby. It is soon discovered that her butler is revealed to be a legendary master thief known as Twenty Faces, who soon asks Chizuko to accompany him and his band of thieves.

Two years later she becomes a powerful thief under the tutelage of Twenty Faces, however due to a train accident Chizuko (now called Chiko) believes the master thief to be dead as his comrades were. Her aunt’s detective finds her in the aftermath and is brought back home, but upon discovering that Twenty Faces may still be alive, Chiko uses her detective/thief skills to evade her aunt’s deadly advances towards her while uncovering the mystery behind Twenty Faces. You can stream this awesome title on Crunchyroll or FunimationNow!

We’ve got more awesome Voice Actor Spotlight filler posts coming up later this week, so be sure to check back in on the blog every so often to see what’s up!

Until then, stay golden! 😉