D&A Friday’s: Come Join The Club! The Host Club That Is…

We’ve finally made it to the first day of the Fall season! There’s so much excitement going on between Crunchyroll’s new Fall lineup, and the recent premiere of No Game, No Life Zero from the Anime Film Festival in LA! As for us back home we’ve got your fixin’s for some Friday night anime and manga titles, including a lil’ somethin’ for the ladies. (No, it’s not a Magic Mike routine, but it is an anime title that we’re sure you’re all going to enjoy!)


Alright ladies (and a few guys – don’t worry, we’re not judging). Are you on the lookout for an awesome anime title about romance, a little bit of comedy, and possibly a reverse harem? Then look no further than the title proudly known as Ouran High School Host Club! If you know the story and are familiar with the cast, then kudos friends! If not, then check this out!

Haruhi Fujioka is a scholar student at Ouran Academy, and while trying to find a place where she can study and do her work, she comes across the Third Music Room where the academy’s host club is located. The host club consists of six male students who entertain their female “clients” with tea and sweets. Haruhi somehow knocks over an antique vase valued at $80,000 (8,000,000 Yen), and now has to pay back that debt through becoming the host club’s errand boy. (Unknown to them until later on in the series that Haruhi is actually a girl.)

Eventually Haruhi gets promoted to full-host status after the members of the club see that she’s a “natural” at being a host for the club, which she believes will help her pay down her debt much quicker. You can stream this title on Crunchyroll and of course FunimationNow!

Stick around for more filler post action and more additions to our Voice Actor Spotlight series coming up in just a bit! Next time on D&A Anime Blog! 🙂