Miscellany Monday: Traveling Beyond the Anime Galaxy!

Hey anime fans! Hopefully you’ve gotten the chance to see our first ever solar eclipse in the 20th/21st century. Make sure you wore protective shades during the event because if you didn’t, then you’re going to be one sad blind otaku. While we’re on the subject of solar eclipses, let’s talk about what kind of lesser-known anime titles we have for you on this eclipse-filled evening…


If you’re on the lookout for a sci-fi supernatural anime title, then look no further than Toward the Terra! The series takes place during the 31st millennium where humans are now under the order of supercomputers known as the Superior Dominance. In the mist of the reign where the supercomputers are turning vitro-born humans into brainwashed functioning adults, a new breed of humans called the Mu are making it their mission to rescue every Mu-born child from the Superior Dominance, who wants nothing more than to have them destroyed. Led by Solider Blue (and then Solider Shin) the Mu only have one wish; to return to their beloved promised planet known as Terra. You can find this awesome series on Crunchyroll, FunimationNow, and even on YouTube.

If you guys haven’t heard the news yet, we’re hard-pressed on creating a Patreon page in order to bring you guys (the fans) more original content, more chances to see us at anime conventions, and hopefully some original features that you can’t find anywhere else on an anime blog! Our ultimate goal is to one day have our own 3-day anime convention known as Anime Escape, where fandoms of cosplay, anime, manga, video games, and superheroes can all come together and party with us! (That’s right, we will be having Friday and Saturday night raves at our con!)

We’ll continue to keep you updated on what our future plans are regarding the blog, as well as where as what places we’ll be heading/returning to, on our 2018 anime convention tour! Until next time, make D&A a part of you, and we’ll make you a part of us! 🙂