Miscellany Monday: A Night Filled With Airborne Magic!

Hey guys! It’s been awhile since our last Miscellany Monday segment, so we’ve decided to post a schedule on our Twitter page in order for you guys, the fans, to see what we’re up to every Monday night! As we get later into the Fall we might be changing up our posting times when it comes to our daily blog segments, so we’ll be sure to keep you guys abreast of what’s going on. Tonight we’ve got lesser-known anime titles as far as the eye can see, so let’s see what we’ve got for you guys on tonight’s edition…


If you’re looking for a high-flying acrobatic anime title, then look no further than the anime known as Kaleido Star! In this lesser-known title, a young Japanese woman named Sora Naegino strives for her dream in being a part of the Kaleido Stage in Los Angeles, California. Upon her arrival she encounters a few difficulties; like losing her way to the Stage, having someone leering at her, and even having to chase after a thief who robbed her of her belongings. In spite of it all Sora relies on her sweet personality, hard work, and determination to help her achieve her dream of being the main act on the Stage. This is a great title to check out so be sure to stream it on FUNimationNow or Crunchyroll if this is a title that you like! 🙂

August arrives tomorrow, so that means another awesome round of anime conventions for the month of August! This month represents the Summer’s ‘Last Hoorah!’, so if you haven’t gotten the chance to check out any anime titles that we’ve reviewed or not reviewed, be sure to get on it while you can! If you all are wondering if we’re going to be posting any more videos on our Youtube page, don’t worry, we’ve got some new content coming up real soon!

Again we thank you guys for helping us reach over 9,000 views on our blog’s page, and don’t forget, if we reach over 10,000 views on the blog, then we’ll post a special 10,000+ WordPress views celebration video on our Youtube page for you all to enjoy! Keep supporting the blog and keep making D&A a part of you! 🙂